East Greenwich, RI— A concept to combine and unite fitness & golf became a reality this early spring when Inverted Fitness & Golf held its grand opening!


A combination fitness center and indoor golf training center has been a desire of local athletes, golfers, and pros in the RI area for some time.  With many indoor facilities opening, Inverted Fitness and Golf takes it to another level with another approach.  Introducing the “Fit N’ Hit” program, “No goal is the same. No body is the same. No golf swing is the same.”


Combining a seamless training program with professional fitness instructors and golf pros is where Inverted Fitness & Golf stands out.  The “FIT N’ HIT” program was designed to offer a more immediate response to helping a golfers swing.


 “We know that if you combine the proper strength, alignment, and stretch  tailored exactly for your swing, followed immediately by executing your full golf swing, the new desired habits will often “translate” more naturally and  in less time than other styles of training.    We look to develop consistency through a training concept within the Fit N’ Hit program called “drill” to “skill” training. This means we teach students to perform the strength and stretch drills specific to their swing, then immediately have them head over to the golf bay, and before they get out of fitness mode, they perform a few swings.   The fitness trainer and the golf pro quickly communicate what they feel needs to be focused on and then off you go back to the fitness side to reinforce the next element of your training.   The immediate transfer of fitness to swing  (drill to skill) is more effective than if you were to train fitness one day then take a few days off, and then hit the range or the course and expect to see a change.

In more traditional fitness training programs, you may or may not see the results, and it usually takes a very long time before better habits begin to become apparent in your golf swing.  Your swing has a better chance of changing naturally through drill to skill direct training, which also offers a better understanding on how to warm up, stretch and align your body before you play!


Our reinforcement techniques are challenging, fun, and build confidence so you can more efficiently and improve your already awesome swing!


​This immediate transfer from the fitness focus to the “finesse” of the swing is where we know you will see the improvement in speed, stability, shapes, and power! Having indoor simulators and a fully equipped gym offers the perfect space to become “FIT N’ HIT!”


The testimonials of customers who were shocked by the unexpected results after just one session are an excellent example of how a private trainer and a golf pro is the most beneficial way to improve a golfer’s swing!”


Amanda Cortellesso said in the release:

“Turn Your Training Upside Down”- The facility also offers options to reserve golf bays for practice, play, events, etc.  Those who prefer to stick with just golf training can take private lessons with one of our golf pros/instructors.  We will also be offering classes and clinics for all levels and ages of golfers.   Our fitness program can also be separate from golf, offering fitness classes, lessons, clinics, and beach fitness programs strictly in the summer. We also offer billiards lessons for those who enjoy playing pool, and with all this fun in one spot, we offer a variety of Memberships to enjoy the facility to your liking!

For more information, please contact:

Amanda Cortellesso


Phone:   401-398-7061


3377 S. County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818