You don’t need to be a sandbagger to wear Sandbagger golf shoes or sandals. In fact, they are so comfortable and free feeling that they might improve your attitude, hence your game and make you proud to post those fine low scores.

While many companies missed the PGA Merchandise Show last year and some declined to show up this year, it was business as usual for this ladies’ shoe company based out of Maine. Sandbaggers created such a strong and loyal following in their early years attending the show that the expense of the booth makes little sense for them. They are now celebrating 35 years in women’s golf footwear and Gina, Marketing and Operations Manager, shared that after a pandemic period of factory shut down, business is strong again.

The owner will soon return to the factory in Mexico and consider new colors though the current selection is grand. Gina says the Vanessa style is still very popular and the Confetti design is a mix of pretty pastels for a match with most outfits. Slip on styling are easy on and off. New this year are the Maddie slip on styles and the Lyn, true ballet shoes.

Charlie and Aubrey tie styles provide the most stability for serious golf swings while sandals for golf are controversial partly because of the question of stability. As a forever 21 handicap golfer, perhaps I should pay more attention to that question but I answer instead to my toes begging for freedom and I generally live in my Sandbagger Grace sandals on course in the summer. I contend that they provide ample support with the sturdy footbed and gladiator style adjustable straps.

At the Marilyn Smith Scholarship Fund Pro Am recently, 2022 World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Suzie Maxwell Berning noted my pretty silver Grace sandals on the course and asked, “But doesn’t your right toe get dirty?” Not really because the footbed is deep enough. Joining her was Kathy Whitworth, the winningest golfer of all time, considering both PGA and LPGA and she wanted to know, “What happens when you get in the bunker?” I pop out. After the round I showed them my clean toes and they laughed, nodding consent, no longer questioning the validity. These gals have lived through every golf style phase and have many humorous stories to tell about the tour. Never miss the opportunity to engage with them.

And don’t miss the chance to try Sandbaggers sandals. The Galia style with thinner straps might be nice for after golf while the new Cece style carries the same sturdy footbed as Grace with Built-In Stepsaver Orthotics and Thermal Rubber Grip Sole. Pick your favorite shoe or sandal at www.hersandbaggers.com