The fastest growing golf shoe company has announced the release of their newest performance golf shoes for women: SQAIRZ FREEDOM ULTRA, available for pre-order now at sqairz.com.

Building on the proven stability of SQAIRZ’s bestselling FREEDOM shoe, the FREEDOM ULTRA offers the same game changing performance with a polished look that nods to classic golf styling, and a breathable, lightweight, upper.

Get proven distance, stability and comfort with the first performance-focused golf shoes designed specifically for women’s feet in collaboration with elite female golf pros.

FREEDOM has been recognized as one of the Best Golf Shoes two years in a row by Golf Digest, and was named #1 Most Stable shoe by My Golf Spy.

Featuring the patented square-toe technology that propelled SQAIRZ to become a leader in performance golf footwear, the new FREEDOM ULTRA comes in three colorways: Onyx, Gold and Silver, and combines a water-resistant mesh upper with a detailed toe to create a perfect combination of function and fashion.

Sqairz Ultra Family of golf shoes

Each pair comes with two pairs of SQAIRZ’s Sta-Put laces to lock in fit for an entire round.

Golf Digest has already called SQAIRZ FREEDOM ULTRA, “comfortable, durable and designed for women’s feet.”

“Women’s feet are both anatomically and biomechanically different than men’s feet, so we knew that to build a women’s golf shoe that could truly deliver on performance, we needed to build a completely new shoe. Our FREEDOM line customizes the ground force-harnessing balance and stability of SQAIRZ in a shoe that is made specifically to enhance a woman’s game. This new ULTRA model offers a change for women to elevate their game and their look at the same time, drawing inspiration from classic golf apparel and fine jewelry, while delivering unparalleled comfort and stability. We can’t wait to see women changing their game in our new FREEDOM ULTRA.” – Bob Winskowicz, SQAIRZ Founder & CEO.

FREEDOM ULTRA for women are available for pre-order in onyx, gold and silver at sqairz.com.

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We’ve long believed that golf shoes should be more than mere accessories, they are the foundation of every swing and should be drivers of true performance. The vision for SQAIRZ started on a New England driving range, where a pair of square-toed dress shoes spurred a visual realization. It continued through years of research into ground force reaction, biomechanics and foot movement. It has culminated in award-winning shoes, now played on Tour, that will help every golfer hit more accurate and powerful shots. SQAIRZ is inspired by developing shoes that will change the shape of your game.

To join us in changing the game from the ground up, visit sqairz.com or connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.