Reynolds Lake Oconee
The Oconee Course
18th hole / 481 Yards / Par-4
Architect: Rees Jones (2002)
Greensboro, Georgia

Closing holes on any golf course often serve as the summary statement — the culmination of what you’ve experienced throughout the round and the lasting memory before one departs.

Rees Jones designed The Oconee Course — one of several layouts comprising the Reynolds Lake Oconee property. The layout uses the Georgia countryside in fine fashion and your round concludes with Lake Oconee hugging the left side when playing the 18th.

Play commences from two different tee angles. The longer three tees plays to the left of a creek which empties into the Lake. The angle is more pronounced and players will need to shape tee shots carefully to the left. Jones also provided for another set of three tees — but on the other side of the creek. These tees provide a much straighter line of attack. In the drive zone are a few obstacles of note. Jones placed fairway bunkers — one left and two on the right side. There are also two stately Georgia pines patrolling the left side. Players can either drive around them, or, if strong enough attempt to fly them.

The fairway tapers considerably as drives reach deeper down the fairway so accuracy, as well as power, is required. Where the pin is placed on a given day will determine what side of the fairway works best for your approach shot.

The green is sufficiently large but well-crafted with distinct sections — again dependent upon pin placement. When the hole is cut in the front right the challenge is considerable as a bunker on that side can wreak havoc. Conversely, when the pin is cut to the front left side — a rather large bunker awaits any hapless plays in that
direction. The putting surface is 41 yards deep and a back location can add a few clubs in order to get near to it.

When you walk down the fairway the intersection of Mother Nature and golf challenge comes together in a grand way. Just be sure to keep you mind on the task. Those fortunate few able to walk off with a score no more than four will undoubtedly rejoice when downing the first libation. Before leaving the green gaze back down the fairway to fully comprehend the challenge encountered.

The 18th on The Oconee Course deals golf justice evenhandedly — no bribes accepted — just demonstrate compelling evidence to assure the verdict you wish to receive.


 Photos: Courtesy Reynold Lake Oconee
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