The Allure of Mystic Creek in El Dorado, Birthplace of the Black Gold Rush

South of Little Rock, Arkansas, just above the border of Louisiana, lies the town of El Dorado, the Spanish for ‘The Golden’. El Dorado came alive in the 1920s during the rush for the black, liquid gold — oil. The town’s oil-rich history is remembered by statues of the men and machines who made it all possible.

Modern Boutique Hospitality Meets Golden History

The Haywood El Dorado, a Tapestry Collection by Hilton, sits on a historic corner in the heart of Murphy’s Art District (MAD). This modern boutique hotel holds a charm that effortlessly merges old and new, providing a hub for visitors and a bridge between the past and present.

Mystic Creek Golf Club: Turning Gold into Green

As part of the stay and play package with Mystic Creek Golf Club, the golden award winner golf course, is a destination in itself. The course is a championship grade territory where competitive golfers challenge themselves. It’s not just the favorite of locals but the Epson Tour gals as well.

The Course of Champions

Each game begins amid the pine-scented air with a diverse spread of towering trees surrounding the golf course. The golfing journey progresses through waterways and woods, rolling down hills peppered with bunkers. It’s a test of each player’s capabilities while giving a real feel of golfing in ‘The Natural State’. The swirling stripes of green can catch out even the most seasoned player, but patience and precision always pay off.

The Clubhouse: An Oasis Amidst the Arena

Constructed among the very pines that dominate the golf course, the three-year-old clubhouse stands tall, overlooking the 18th hole. With an upper balcony, the clubhouse acts as an amphitheater, providing a stellar viewing spot.

Let’s not forget the welcoming Pro shop that’s filled with all kinds of golfing goodies and the Mystic Grill offering a great post-round meal. Also, doing the full justice to its location, it boasts huge screens and a serene outside view.

The Heartbeat of El Dorado: More Than Just Golf

Beyond the golf course, El Dorado sparkles with life. Extending the city’s musical lineage, live musicians make their presence felt on weekends painting the town in lively tunes. Interesting conversations spark up at Barbie’s bar post 4 PM. Head to the Black Cat when the town shuts for the night, or become a part of the hush-talk and find your way to Mink Eye, the speakeasy below it, for a refreshing cocktail or brew.

Experience El Dorado

So, if you’re looking for that perfect blend of history, hospitality, outdoors, and leisure, make your way down to El Dorado. Test your skills or just soak in the ambiance at Mystic Creek Golf Club.

Hit here to book your tee time. Let the golden sunshine and the charm of El Dorado embrace your spirit!