The Unforgettable WM Phoenix Open

“What’s going on with the weather?” This seems to be the unsolicited mantra of this year’s WM Phoenix Open. Despite temperatures icy enough to put Jack Frost out of business and rain coming down like it was going out of style, the event still managed to pull in record-breaking crowds. Weekend attendance hit an all-time high, leading to chaotic scenes and restrictions on alcohol sales in the name of safety. But, rest assured, these unanticipated hiccups didn’t halt the watching pleasures from home – thanks to top-of-the-line televised coverage!

Spectating as Entertaining as The Show

When it comes to the WM Phoenix Open, being part of the crowd is as much of an attraction as the golf itself. Whether you’re sipping on a preferred beverage, marveling at the matching attire found on bachelor parties, or wincing at the “lucky” fans hit by stray shots, the thrill is guaranteed. Even outside of the tournament, the talk on the bus amongst spectators makes for an entertaining backdrop to the day’s proceedings. In fact, the entire vibe of the event is remarkably laid back – with both decorum and hangovers discussed in the same breath.

Business Decisions Plus the Love for The Game

The WM Phoenix Open isn’t just about camaraderie and golf – it’s a hub of business activity. Companies invest heavily in hospitality suites to connect with potential clients and stakeholders over the thrill of the game. But beyond this, there’s also an immense commitment to sustainability. Thanks to efforts in recycling and waste management, the event has carved out an enviable reputation for being environment-friendly.

Managing The Unexpected

Though the rain did little to dampen the spirits of the attendees, it did force the closure of nearby grass parking lots. Despite the inconvenience, distant free shuttle service played its part in covering the distances. Unfortunately, this daring logistics plan was mildly overworked on Saturday due to an exceeded capacity of fans.

Merchandise Bonanza

Fans love to remember their time at the WM Phoenix Open with memorabilia. From cups to apparel, the merchandise tent had it all. In response to the record attendance, the beeline to the tent was strong – with many seeing it as an opportunity to warm up and escape the rain.

The Thunderbirds: Masters of The Show

The Thunderbirds, the organizers of the WM Phoenix Open, hold charity as the main cause of the event. Through the years, these hardworking folks have raised over $190m for Arizona charities with the help of fans and sponsors.

No Pain, Just Gain at TPC Stadium

Watching the WM Phoenix Open in person or on TV sparks a desire in every viewer to take a swing at TPC Stadium. Depending on your fancy, you can opt for the TPC Champions Course next door which offers a slightly easier course and is easier on the wallet.

Placing Your Bets

If you’re feeling lucky during the WM Phoenix Open, the newly launched DraftKings at the entrance of TPC is your go-to spot. Complete with grounds access, large screens, food, and beverage counters as well as betting booths, it’s a can’t-miss addition to the event.

Spring in Full Bloom

With the end of the WM Phoenix Open, spring is officially here. The season ushers in a line-up of play at over 200 courses in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area with the Champions Tour heading to Tucson for the Cologuard Classic.

Call to Action

Ready for a thrilling golf experience cooled down by the fair breezes of spring? Then it’s time to mark your calendar for next year’s happening! That’s right, the WM Phoenix Open will be back next year for what promises to be another unforgettable installment of golf’s greatest show on grass. Can’t wait to see you there!