Whether you own a cart solely to get across the course or to outfit it to be street legal, knowing common preventive maintenance for your golf cart ensures it runs when you need it to. While cheaper than your typical car, golf carts can still sell for thousands of dollars, and the maintenance fees add up over time, especially when owners leave parts to deteriorate. Be aware of how well you treat your cart and know what you need to do to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns or repair costs.

Check Over Your Tires

A lot of issues stem from the tires, some of which you may not realize. However, to begin, you need to ensure that your tires have the recommended air pressures; allowing the air pressure to drop below what the manufacturer intended can lead to several issues.

Tire Wear

The more deflated a tire becomes, the more wear and tear you subject it to. Underinflated tires degrade faster due to the increased contact the surface area makes with the ground. It can also result in uneven wear between tires, bringing its own set of problems to deal with.

Engine Stress

Decreased air pressure also puts more strain on the engine to function normally; the less air in a tire, the more resistance there is when moving. The more resistance, the harder the engine must work to maintain RPM between all wheels.

Lubricate Necessary Parts

There are several components that require sufficient lubrication to maintain functionality. These parts include the suspension system, steering wheel rack, and pinons. Lubrication is necessary to decrease the friction between moving parts; components with metal-on-metal contact decay quickly without greasing the system.

Strange Noises

Generally, you will hear these components grinding together when the grease dries up. You will hear a low grinding sound coming from the internals of your golf cart. The longer you let them grind together, the more extensive the damage will be.

Proper Storage Conditions

You’ll need to store your cart until future use, and sometimes it can sit for weeks or months without you turning it on. Be aware of how to correctly store your cart in the summer, as several factors will play havoc with your vehicle. Even when left to sit, your machine will deteriorate, and the electrical systems will eventually lose their charge. Know the strategies to eliminate the possibility of a breakdown in storage.

Never Neglect Regular Service Checks

Even when you take care of your golf cart, there are still factors you can’t account for or issues you won’t notice. One of the best preventive maintenance strategies for your golf cart is to take it in for regular checkups. Have a mechanic give your cart a once-over to ensure everything is working as it should.