As a young female athlete, I’ve aspired to learn the game of golf for a while now. This summer is my chance to finally venture into the world of golf. The biggest lesson I learned within the first five minutes I spent at a driving range is that golf is not to be underestimated.

In golf, there are many intricate details that are vital to understand, including posture, balance, grip, swing, etc. One thing every golfer needs to learn is consistency in their swing.

An Interesting Start

I’ve been to the driving range twice and the second time went much better than the first, as expected. The first time I stepped up to the piece of turf I was prepared to swing balls that reached the tree line. In reality, my first bucket of balls landed less than 75 yards away. Some balls even landed behind me during a few embarrassing attempts. After a couple buckets of balls, I finally reached 150 yards with a driver, which felt fantastic.


Regardless of my initial swings and outcomes I was not going to give up on the game in the slightest. By my second experience at the driving range, I began to get in my groove. I’m learning the difference between each club, the distance I need to stand at for each, and how to swing consistently with the shift of my weight from the back to the front. Now, I can tell the difference between when I have a good swing versus a poor one. I am even able to identify what I did incorrectly when it was a poor swing. Identifying my mistakes and chipping away at them has already made a huge improvement.

Practice makes perfect and I cannot wait to get on a course and play. I have enlisted a friend to teach me how to play the game, striving to learn all the ins and outs. I cannot thank them enough for the patience they have provided me in the start to this journey.

Golf has undoubtably become my new favorite pastime. Hitting a ball correctly, with an easy movement of the club and a good flow of your body, there’s no feeling like it.