FlightScope owners looking for fun new ways to test their golfing skills this lockdown are in for an Awesome experience, thanks to a free 14 day trial from new gaming software brand Awesome Golf.

Built for golfers who want to transform their simulator experience, the Awesome Golf Suite App, which is now available to download for free from the Apple App store, is perfect for serious golfers who want data at their fingertips, kids whose shorter game doesn’t always register on traditional software, and every golfer in between who has their sights set on awesome fun!

The new App from Awesome Golf gives golfers access to in depth data on practice and skills modes, virtual golf courses and fantastic games for kids of all ages and abilities. There is also a new approach shot mode which has been developed in recent weeks and is proving incredibly popular.

The App, which is compatible with all current FlightScope models other than the Mevo, is free to use for 14 days, after which it can be purchased for just £/$600 plus £/$10 subscription which gives the user access to email support, new games and modes as well as software updates. The Awesome Golf Suite includes driving range and game modes to deliver a versatile, comprehensive, fun, golf experience that caters for data-hungry serious golfers alongside those who just want to hit balls and play games. The accompanying Community App which is also available to download for free from the Apple store allows you to track scores, collect data and compete against your friends.

The inspiration for Awesome Golf was Gavin’s golf crazy son. His shorter shots and need for fun weren’t catered for by the current software on the market. The Boat Blast and Super Splash games which were originally designed with children in mind are proving just as popular with youngsters as their grown-ups. Gavin explains, “When I set about designing this software, I always had versatility in mind. I wanted everyone to be able to play the games and score points no matter how far they could hit the ball. To help children and beginners progress I added difficulty levels, but what I didn’t predict is the enjoyment that adults get from blowing up boats and chipping into swimming pools! Golf is meant to be fun, so while people across the world are struggling to get out on the course, we hope our free trial of the software can bring a bit of fun back in the game.”
To enjoy an Awesome Golf experience, FlightScope owners should download The Awesome Golf Suite App

And share their scores using the Awesome Golf Community App.
For more details about Awesome Golf for home, coaching or range use, or to arrange a demo contact sales@awesome-golf.com