Titleist adds potential for more greenside spin and distance to the AVX ball.

Important Tech:
The sister ball to the premium Pro V1 and Pro V1x was originally conceived as a soft alternative and though the company hasn’t publicly said so it clearly was a response to Callaway Golf’s very successful Chrome Soft ball. The AVX had less spin than the other two Pro V1 models and in the AVX 2020 soft feel and low spin have been enhanced.

“In our ongoing discussions with golfers, we are constantly meeting players who tell us, AVX is the ball I’d been waiting for,” said Frederick Waddell, Senior Product Manager, Titleist Golf Balls. “At the same time, we’ve been able to lean on those golfers to better understand how they experience AVX and what we can do to help them shoot lower scores. The improvements to AVX are a direct result of their insights and the inventiveness of our R&D team to take this design to the next level – and we expect golfers to see better numbers across the board. The new AVX is faster and longer, it performs better around green, and delivers even more of the incredibly soft feel that golfers love about this product.”

WYNTK Titleist AVX 2020
New formulation larger low compression core
Softer feel than previous model
Mantle or casing layer also reformulated – higher flex more speed
Cast urethane cover with U-shape catenary curve dimples
Choice of optic yellow or white
In shops at $47.99 per dozen