Years of rigorous research, design, analytics and patient trials lead to creation of unprecedented support belt that stabilizes lumbar-pelvic-hip movement without restriction.

X Factor Partners LLC have  announced the market arrival of the X-Factor Belt®. Designed by renowned, Board Certified New York Chiropractic Orthopedist Dr. Ron Safko, the belt’s over 95% positive reviews have confirmed it as a difference-maker. It is now the only belt on the market addressing lumbar-pelvic-hip imbalance, ground zero for chronic back and hip pain. According to The Mayo Clinic, low back pain is experienced by 80% of the population at some point in their lifetime and is the most common injury in golf. “I wanted to create a stabilizing belt that would provide balanced synchronized lumbar, sacral and hip support, encourage core muscle engagement and address essential pelvic alignment, all at the same time in a non-restrictive manner,” explains Dr. Safko. “None of the belts on the market met my satisfaction to resolve this problem. It started when a patient asked ‘why not design a belt that does’ and here we are today. I’m proud to say that the X-Factor Belt® is protective, corrective, and proven effective.”


The product’s immediate success is due to its unprecedented integration of two essential components: support and flexibility.


A Vietnam vet, Safko brought his “Marine way” to the process “to get the job done the right way.” The result is a proprietary approach from the belt’s unequaled high-quality craftsmanship to how it’s worn. Worn around the pelvis rather than the lower back, the belt is designed with a wider sacral-area control center featuring tapered Velcro® ends to secure the belt around the user’s pelvic-iliac crest. The use of small flexible steel Xs, bisected with a vertical longitudinal stay in the sacrum, enables stabilization of the lower spinal segments – the epicenter of low back pain – without weakening core musculature. Concurrent with the core stabilizers, soft stretchable compression Xs are strategically placed on the sides providing circumferential, longitudinal and torsional support that protect against excessive spinal twisting, tilting, over-extension and pelvic torque associated with golf swing follow through. The improved control of these elements translates to a less painful, more relaxed, smoother, balanced, contained swing. The “Enhanced Momentum Control,” as Safko calls it, also reduces strain placed on existing low back area orthopedic issues and helps prevent future conditions golfers know well. And, the benefits go beyond the 18th hole. Worn over or under clothes, the lightweight, easy on/off “all-day wear” design, Safko says, “enhances posture, improves mobility and helps patients of virtually any age return to active lifestyles.”