ORLANDO, FLORIDA, January 25, 2022 — PLAYER2 is launching a line of apparel and
accessories at the 2022 PGA Merchandising Show. Player 2 is for golfers who want everyday
clothing to play golf and golf clothing for everyday living.

Started by a group of golf buddies in Connecticut who would often tell each other to “drop
another” after a bad shot, PLAYER2 is for every golfer that pictures the perfect shot in their
mind’s eye – but may need a second ball to pull it off. That second putt that always goes in.
That second wedge from 120 that lands five feet to the right every time. It’s the feeling in your
gut that you have this shot in you – this time. And what gets you back to the first tee, ready to
Drop Another.

Player2 lifestyle is paying respect to the game through thoughtful design and comfort resonating with all who love the game.

“The truth is, most golfers are like us—guys that are looking for a great afternoon on the links
with their buddies, having a few cocktails, lighting up a cigar and looking for that very rare animal…The Birdie”, says David Petrie, Co-Founder of PLAYER2. “We picture hitting the perfect shot but then it goes into the woods, or the drink, or the parking lot. But when we get that second shot, we nail it. It’s an awesome feeling. It’s what keeps us coming back.”

PLAYER2 looks to capitalize on the growing number of people participating in golf in the U.S.
“Right now, there are almost 24 million people who play golf…and 3 million more took up golf just last year,” Co-Founder AJ Romeo points out. “Those trends should continue. We think we can be the brand that speaks to golfers like us in a real way.” “Listen, even scratch golfers need to drop another every now and then…on the range, on the practice green – that’s how they become scratch golfers.” Even the great Arnold Palmer said “When we play Bay Hill, everyone in the group is allowed a “Breakfast Ball.” (Arnold Palmer: Homespun Stories of The King by Chris Rodell)

PLAYER2 offers a variety of performance apparel that uses the most modern technical/performance fabrics including polos, vests, and jackets, as well as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and accessories. Adds Bill McGarry, Co-Founder of Player2, “our message is simple: You may not be the greatest golfer, but you can sure look great whether you’re on the course or in your everyday life.”

PLAYER2 will focus distribution on E-Commerce and green grass Pro Shops.