Hey golf enthusiasts! Get ready to elevate your game because Tour Edge is shaking things up in the golf world with their newest creation: the Hot Launch 524 Series. Launching on March 1, 2024, this series is all about bringing the best tech from the pros to the rest of us, without the need for a tour card or a hefty bank balance.

What’s New and Exciting?

Tour Edge is throwing some serious tech into the mix with innovations like Ridgeback, Diamond Face VFT, RyzerSole, and VIBRCOR technology straight from their top-tier Exotics line. It’s like having a supercar engine in your family sedan – power and performance, but with the comfort and handling for everyday players.


David Glod, the mastermind behind Tour Edge, is pretty stoked about it. He’s all about pushing the Hot Launch series to new heights with designs that are all about game improvement and making golf more accessible and enjoyable for the average Joe and Jane.


Fitting Like a Glove

One of the coolest things about the 524 series? Custom fitting. Tour Edge is going all out to make sure these clubs fit you like a glove, with over 1500 fitting locations equipped with mobile fitting bags. It’s about getting that tailor-made experience, ensuring your clubs are just right for your game.


And get this – place a custom order, and they’ll have it built and out the door within 48 hours. That’s right, from their HQ in Batavia, Illinois, straight to your bag in two days flat. Talk about speedy service!


The Clubs: E524 & C524

The series breaks down into two ranges, the E524 and C524, each tailored for different game improvement needs. Whether you’re all about super game improvement or looking for that competitive edge, there’s something here for you.

The Powerhouse: Hot Launch C524 Driver

The C524 Driver is a masterpiece combining traditional design with groundbreaking technology for optimal launch and spin rates. It’s built for those who crave speed, forgiveness, and accuracy in their drives.


Ridgeback Technology: Enhances power across the face, doubling as an alignment aid.

MOI-Boosting Rear Sole Weight: Increases stability for more forgiveness.

Diamond Face VFT: Provides a hotter face for faster ball speeds and reduced spin.

RyzerSole Rail Design: Lowers the CG for high-launching shots with optimized spin rates.


Hot Launch C524 Fairway Metals

Designed for players who demand precision and power, the C524 Fairway Metals feature a blend of technologies to optimize launch and spin while maximizing forgiveness.


Ridgeback Technology and MOI-Boosting Rear Sole Weight: Increase power and stability.

Diamond Face VFT: Enhances performance on off-center hits.

RyzerSole Rail Design: Achieves a super-low CG for easier, high-flying shots.

Hot Launch C524 Hybrid

The C524 Hybrid tightens dispersion and boosts overall accuracy, offering a high MOI in a compact design for optimal launch and minimal offset.


Ridgeback Technology: Increases power and serves as an alignment aid.

MOI-Boosting Rear Sole Weight: For top stability and forgiveness.

Diamond Face VFT: Ensures hotter face with faster ball speeds.

Hot Launch C524 Irons

These irons are all about combining distance with forgiveness, featuring a traditional cavity back design with modern tech for superior feel and performance.


VIBRCOR Technology: Enhances speed and feel.

Wide Sole / 360° Undercut Cavity: Optimizes playability and ease of launch.

Toe Weighted Design: Increases stability and extends the sweet spot.

Hot Launch C524 Wedge

This wedge is engineered for forgiveness and enhanced feel, ideal for golfers seeking more control in their short game.


VIBRCOR Technology: Provides a soft feel at impact.

High Toe Pad Design: Expands the sweet spot vertically.

Beveled Leading Edge & Rounded Cambered Sole: Improves versatility and turf interaction.


Hot Launch E524 Driver

The E524 Driver is designed for ease of use, focusing on launch and accuracy for slower to medium swing speeds, ensuring stability at impact.


Houdini Sole Technology: Optimizes launch conditions and improves stability.

Ridgeback Technology: Enhances power and serves as an alignment aid.

Heel Weighted Slice-Fighting Offset Design: Fights slices for straighter ball flights.


Hot Launch E524 Fairway Metals

These fairway metals are built to turn your long game into a scoring opportunity, designed for accuracy and high-flying shots.


Houdini Sole and Ridgeback Technology: Improve launch and stability.

Heel Weighted Slice-Fighting Offset Design: Increases launch and fights slices.

Super Shallow Face Design: Enhances playability and forgiveness.

Hot Launch E524 Hybrid

The E524 Hybrid includes technology to improve launch, playability, and slice correction, making it easier to hit from any lie.


Houdini Sole Technology: Lowers the CG for improved launch.

Ridgeback Technology: Increases power and alignment.

Heel Weighted Slice-Fighting Offset Design: Promotes straighter ball flights.

Hot Launch E524 Iron

Designed for maximum ease of use, these iron-woods emphasize launch and playability, ideal for correcting miss-hits and slices.


Houdini Sole Technology: Reduces drag and improves CG placement.

Hollow-Body Perimeter Weighting: Delivers metalwood distance in an iron design.

Shallow Face / Offset Design: Increases launch and playability.

Hot Launch E524 Wedge

This wedge features the Houdini Sole for easy play from tough lies, designed for high launch and ease of use in short game situations.


Patented Houdini Sole: Reduces turf interaction and drag.

Condensed Wide Sole Design with Added Camber: Helps eliminate flubs and reduces digging.

Deep Undercut Cavity: Increases forgiveness and control.

Wrap Up

Tour Edge’s Hot Launch 524 series is a game-changer, offering high-tech, custom-fit golf clubs at an unbeatable value. Whether you’re teeing off, navigating the fairways, or finessing your way around the greens, this series has something for every golfer looking to improve their game without breaking the bank. Get ready to experience the difference with Tour Edge’s latest innovation!