Roc City Rocks – Day One
Rochester, New York has preserved its history, revitalized the downtown and become the Roc City that rocks as a golf destination. Oak Hill is the most famous as a PGA major venue, but you must make quick friends with a member in order to play this private treat.

A great place to meet friends is at the Genesee Brew House. Rochester’s Genesee Beer Company was founded in 1878, creatively survived prohibition and is still competing not only with the big beer boys but with the craft breweries. Back in the day Genesee Cream Ale was a beer to either love or laugh at. Now, it is enhanced with seasonal flavors like lemon strawberry for creamy, not too sweet but tasty, refreshing beverages. The Brew House serves up a lot of history with memorabilia, posters and interactive exhibits. Pub grub is elevated with traditional and healthy options like Brussel sprouts. Don’t pass up the house made pretzels when ordering. Select flights of your choice to sample. We really liked the 12 horse, a recipe from decades ago along with the blood orange as good as fresh squeezed from the tree. This is not dad’s Genny! Perhaps the best flight of all is the stairs to the rooftop for fun partying and a spectacular view of high falls. For anyone unsuspecting, when the door opens, the mini Niagara sight is jaw dropping.

Fortunately for those of us who can’t play Oak Hill, there are over 60 public courses within an hour drive. On day one, we played Deerfield Golf and Country Club. It was a bright day with a light breeze and the sweet summer smell of freshly mown grass. The course is relatively flat with generous fairways crossing narrow ponds with reeds and threading through the trees. Not to disturb the natural setting, the only buildings on course are porta potties and rain shelters. Restrooms inside the clubhouse are very nice and the pretty bridal room is wedding ready. For $35 GREEN FEES on a freshly redone course, we say we do.

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