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Roc City Rocks – Day Two

Roc City, the revitalized Rochester, New York is strong on golf and play with over 60 golf courses and the Strong Museum of Play. Margaret Strong believed in the power of play and has memorialized just about all forms of games and play in her museum. Now archaic etch a sketches mix with an interactive floor to ceiling video bubble show. Bubbles project up the wall while onlookers jump to slap them in their hands and when successful their happy picture floats up inside the bubble. Little shoppers with mini carts race around a small Wegman’s store gathering five items to scan and purchase, then restock the shelves. Kids toss shingles off a Lego’s house and then reroof it, proud of their work. Room to room is a new surprise with squeals of delight and laughter from kids of all ages. The butterfly habitat is like a fairy garden with bright tropical florals and colorful wings in flight. Sesame Street comes to life, the iPhone for kids in the past. Everyone has their heart string pulled somewhere along the way in this big building. You’re always a kid at Strong, the most fun museum in the nation.

Fun on the Links at Greystone will soon be year-round as they convert the driving range up the hill into a snow tubing venue for the Winter. In the summertime, the landscaping is beautifully arranged as the owner’s wife loves to play with the flowers. The course is in great shape with so many shades of green and splattered with heather for hide and seek play with balls. The layout is gorgeous, and greens are speedy. 18 is a mean finishing hole with a large pond to cross immediately before the green. The drop area is behind if you don’t quite reach it. A playful island green is positioned for contests.

The course was designed and contoured by Craig Schreiner’s but it’s all in the family as the Odenbachs returned and purchased their original golf course. Like Bon Jovi sings, “Who says you can’t go back?” Son Dusty, the pro says this course is really all about Tim Hahn the superintendent, there from the beginning working 7 days a week. We saw him on the tenth green personally spraying the grass. He said, “This is the part I love. It’s all in the details.” He tends the course like the local Finger Lakes vintners tend their vines. 9 and wine nights are featured for $35, another testament to value golf in Roc City.


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