The Concession Golf Club

12th Hole / Par-4 / 349 Yards
Bradenton, Florida, USA
Architects: Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin (2006)

Hole 12 Overview

The emergence of the short par-4 in modern golf design has been a fascinating addition. Such holes provide for an equal challenge to the broadest range of players. That’s clearly apparent when encountering the 12th hole at The Concession Golf Club and the temptations one faces.

During tournaments the hole plays as the 3rd and the strength comes from the moment you arrive at the tee.

The elasticity of the hole — playing anywhere from 251 to 349 yards allows for the broadest swath of players to enjoy the architecture that Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin provided.

The Concession Golf Club

Short par-4’s of stature should provide a clear temptation to go for the gusto with the tee shot. Such holes should also spell certain doom for those not up to the task.

A series of bunkers brings to the forefront a formidable gauntlet to overcome.

No matter how bold or conservative a play is carried out all players have to pay heed to where the pin is located. The green has an array of vexing internal movements and pity the hapless player who cannot decipher the various riddles the green provides.

Hole #12

The portfolio of courses designed by the Golden Bear doesn’t have a roster of top shelf short par-4 holes, however the 12th at The Concession is a testament to Jack’s awareness such holes have a special place in the architecture of any course.

The key in playing such short holes is realizing what Clint Eastwood famously said in “Magnum Force” —

“A man’s got to know his limitations.”

The 12th is like an honest judge — no bribes accepted. Just be sure to state your case with convincing evidence from one’s golf game.

The Concession Golf Club Hole 12

The Concession Golf Club plays host to the World Champions Cup (December 7-10).


Photos courtesy of The Concession Club and Fried Egg Golf.