Golf is meant to be a getaway from everyday life, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t prone to injury. There are several injuries that you can endure while golfing such as tendinitis and pain in the back, neck, wrist, ankle, finger, knees, and other parts of the body. Find out some easy ways to prevent golf injuries with these tips.

Change Your Swing

A lot of golf injuries lie in your swing, but there are some adjustments you can make to prevent these injuries. During your swing, make sure your posture is correct; ensure that your feet are aligned with your shoulders while you keep your back proportionally straight. Don’t hunch over the ball. Some other changes you can make with your golf swing is to not rely on just one muscle group and don’t swing too hard or fast.

Warm Up

Before any physical activity, it’s always good to warm up—golf is no exception. Begin your golf outing by doing some aerobic exercises such as going on a brisk walk, a jog, or doing some jumping jacks. You will then want to stretch your upper body, shoulders, hamstrings, and back. Getting some practice swings never hurt either.

Get Stronger

Building some muscle can also help you reduce the number of injuries you sustain out on the golf course as well. Either join a local gym or build one in your home by investing in your own fitness equipment. There are plenty of strength-building exercises that can keep you healthy while golfing.

Wear Proper Footwear

You may also feel pain in your feet while you are on a golf course, but this can be easily avoided by wearing the proper footwear. For golf, choose shoes that have short cleats instead of long ones that can cause ankle or knee strain.

Carry Clubs Carefully

Golf clubs can be heavy and also result in injuries if you aren’t careful. Either get yourself a caddy or a quality golf bag. A quality golf bag will allow you to carry all your clubs without straining yourself. Using a golf cart is another easy way to prevent golf injuries associated with your back and shoulders since you won’t have to carry your clubs around, but you also need to be careful when you do pull your bag from the cart.