COVID-19 has transformed life as we know it. Restaurants and movie theatres closed their doors, and kids are practicing e-learning from home. Even the game of golf has changed. Luckily, golfers worldwide can still play the game they love because it’s the perfect sport for social distancing. However, many people believe that the pandemic will make golf a “walking sport.” Yet, this article will show avid golfers and amateurs alike how to stay safe when operating a golf cart so that they can still cruise around the course in comfort.

Sanitize Everything

This pandemic has shown us all the importance of sanitation, and the sentiment also holds true when operating a golf cart. Golf courses and country clubs should thoroughly wipe down the vehicle after each golfer finishes using it. A cleaning checklist would be helpful in detailing all the areas they have to wipe down so that they know for sure they don’t miss anything. Drivers should also do their part to stop the spread of the virus, so courses may consider offering packs of sanitary wipes or hand sanitizer for them to carry with them as they play. Finally, make sure to be clear with players about your mask policies, in accordance with local regulations.

Golf Cart Maintenance

Another tip for how to stay safe when operating a golf cart is to perform preventative maintenance on the vehicle. There’s some essential golf cart maintenance that every course should follow. If the cart doesn’t have as much pickup as it usually does, that presents a clear indication that the battery is due for replacement. Maintenance workers at the course should also be on the lookout for leaks or broken lights. Golfers must be able to see while driving through a course, so replacing a light kit is necessary. Finally, replacing worn tires will keep patrons safe as they drive. After all, no one wants to blow a tire in between holes.

Drive Carefully

Golfers must obey course rules when operating a golf cart. Sure, driving around a course is fun, but things can get dangerous rather quickly if someone’s goofing off when they shouldn’t be. Set clear policies for driving the golf carts. Golfers who are operating a cart should always drive carefully. This means no speeding or jamming the vehicle full of people. Players should also be mindful of driving over large hills so that the cart doesn’t flip over.