Cadi is revolutionizing the golf industry. Cadi, the newest digital golf retailer with “try-before-you-buy” on golf clubs, is excited to announce the granting of a patent on the proprietary technology in their kiosk system by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

With patent 15/644,718, Cadi’s innovative technology allows golfers to try and buy clubs at a course or entertainment venue of their choosing.

Golfers can feel more confident in their club purchase backed up by Cadi’s personalized shopping experience and risk-free, on-course testing.

With “try-before-you-buy” options for every item and data-driven fittings, golfers will have easier access to the latest products and equipment than ever before. The company’s mission can be summed up as making club buying more accessible, convenient, and enjoyable however and wherever players want it. With Cadi’s dedicated team and commitment to constant innovation, they aim to create a modern and immersive digital retail experience for golfers.

“Our focus at Cadi is on creating the best experience for golfers of all skill levels.” says Tyler Gottstein, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We want golfers to love the journey of finding their next club or their first club. And with new technology, we see a lot of opportunity in the retail space to improve what it means to grow the game.”

Cadi golf club kiosk with patent

Cadi is more than just a kiosk. You may have heard or read about Cadi’s innovative kiosk (as seen in Forbes and TechTimes).

You may not have heard Cadi uses Big Data to improve the golfer’s purchase experience.

Cadi connects golfer attributes with product attributes to recommend the right equipment options for users.

This allows golfers to compare themselves to other golfers of similar skill level while using their experience and performance with clubs to evaluate purchase decisions.

Cadi IS the Future of Digital Golf Retail.

Cadi is turning to public investors to raise funding through regulation crowdfunding. Cadi has raised over $2M with over 2000 investors nationwide. With an innovative approach and a multi-billion dollar market ripe for disruption, Cadi could fundamentally change how golfers try and buy golf equipment.

Learn more at https://www.cadikiosk.com/