Technogym, the world’s leading producer of design and technology-driven smart-connected fitness equipment and the official equipment provider of the past eight editions of the Olympic Games, once again was showcased at this year’s PGA Show as the Official Training Equipment Supplier of the PGA of America and the Official Training Equipment Supplier of the PGA Coaching Center. As part of the multi-year partnership, Technogym displayed its latest equipment in sports and golf performance at the show in Orlando from January 25 through January 27.

The partnership with the PGA of America celebrates Technogym’s expertise in the golf-performance industry and reinforces its reputation as the world’s best brands in fitness, sports, and golf performance. Technogym continues to be the global leader in the sports performance industry, providing world-class golf training solutions to the world’s top golfers through its innovative fitness equipment, helping players increase core stability as well as lower body strength and power. Avid golfers and recreational golfers can replicate the best training environment to support their golf performance with Technogym.

Technogym displayed a selection of its key golf-performance experiences at the PGA Show such as:

Biostrength: The revolutionary strength line that adapts to users, thanks to a patented technology that uses artificial intelligence research and ensures 30 percent better results in the same amount of time compared to classic training with equipment or free weights.

BiostrengthThe Custom Training program is ideal for golfers, where more advanced users can optimize each singular exercise in their training programs, offering various training techniques such as drop sets, pyramids and single set tone express.

The patented Biodrive system, which uses aerospace technology, offers six types of resistance that can improve the effectiveness of exercise depending on the goal the golfer wants to achieve. Golfers are guided through every aspect of the workout to achieve maximum results in a safe and effective way as Biodrive recognizes fatigue and the spotter function automatically reduces the load if needed, to allow users to complete the set.

Biostrength is a digital and connected experience with an unprecedented variety of training programs and content. With a simple log-in to the Technogym Ecosystem, Biostrength equipment allows users to select the workout experience that best suits their desired results, from goal-oriented programs to custom programs or free training.


Additionally at the PGA Show, Technogym displayed its SKILL LINE, a collection of products created to address performance training, a method developed by Technogym and Olympic champions, as well as other key performance equipment including Kinesis, Technogym Bench, and a Wellness Assessment Area:


Skillmill by TechnogymSKILLMILL allows the golfer to be the motor and brakes as the SKILLMILL belt only moves as fast as the golfer can control it. This forces more activity of key muscles in the core and hips, important for injury prevention as well as sports performance. The SKILLMILL™ also applies a magnetic resistance to the belt (MULTIDRIVE technology) to seamlessly allow a transition from traditional cardiovascular training into lower body power training.

Skillrun by TechnogymSKILLRUN allows athletes to perform cardiovascular training and instantly transition to lower body power training. It provides real time feedback on running efficiency to maximize results and minimize lower body overuse injuries, while also allowing for lower body power development without the need for high-risk exercises. Simultaneously, it creates core activation and can be performed in a one-arm, sled-pushing position to create an even higher demand on the core and shoulder complex. The extreme incline features allow golfers to train in a wide range of inclines, helping lower-body strength and power development. It increases the cardiovascular demand of the golfer, while training with up to a -3% decline, simulating the downhill undulations they face on the course. The decline training is   great for lower body strengthening and injury prevention.

The SKILL LINE also includes the SKILLROW, the only indoor rower that applies magnetic resistance (MULTIDRIVE Technology) to seamlessly allow a transition from traditional cardiovascular training into lower-body power training.

Kinesis by TechnogymKinesis, offers over 200 exercises for strength, flexibility, and balance, essential skills for the professional golfer. To increase and improve one’s coordination and posture control, Kinesis works with FullGravity, an internationally patented system providing tri-dimensional movement through a set of rotating pulleys that allow unlimited freedom of movement, applying a resistance which gradually increases thanks to a strength system working in absolute safety.

Technogym BenchWith Technogym Bench, golfers can perform an endless number of exercises for total body workouts that always vary. The bench comes with elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles and a training mat, all in a compact footprint for functional training in any space.

Attendees of the PGA Show had access to the Wellness Assessment Area. ​Designed to promote body analysis and assessment, this zone provided both a consultative area for members to sit with a trainer and all the information needed to carry out assessments independently for golfers in clubs or training facilities.

As part of the Technogym Ecosystem, golfers can partake in Technogym’s unique ecosystem that enables people to connect, in a safe and scale-up environment, with their own experiences anytime and anywhere though a variety of touchpoints: their smartphones, Technogym equipment – both at the gym and at home, and though several third-party integrations (wearable devices and tracking apps) covering specific disciplines and passions.

The ecosystem Includes the new TECHNOGYM LIVE training experience, available on all Technogym cardio products, offers users a revolutionary training experience thanks to the brand-new Technogym Coach, the AI based virtual assistant that guides users through the different training options based on their personal passions, needs and tastes.

To round out the digital solutions, the Technogym App also offers training at your fingertips with a library of content on the go. On the app, golfers can follow with Kinesis, and is divided into three parts, distinguished by duration and level of difficulty: The Best Swing, On the Technogym’s Signature Programs created to boost golf skills Field and Swing Like a Pro.

For more about Technogym and its full range of products and services, please visit Technogym.com/us.

About Technogym

Technogym is a world leading brand in products and digital technologies for fitness, sport and health for wellness. Technogym offers a complete ecosystem of connected smart equipment, digital services, on-demand training experiences and apps that allow every single end-user to access a completely personalized training experience anytime and anywhere: at home, at the gym, on-the-go. Over 55 million people train with Technogym in 85,000 wellness centers and 400,000 private homes world-wide. Technogym has been Official Supplier to the last eight Olympic Games and it’s the brand of reference for sport champions and celebrities all over the world.