If you are looking to seriously improve your game, you need to check out the brand-new Edge EX irons that The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company launched this past week. The new irons are designed for mid-handicap players who are looking to take their game to the next level and were made specifically to be extremely easy to hit. Research conducted by the company shows that a lot of golfers who are not so much on the competitive side were “intimidated by Hogan’s long-standing reputation for manufacturing golf equipment for the most discerning and accomplished players in the world.” Now, no matter what level you are playing at or how much experience you have, you can feel completely and totally comfortable purchasing these new irons.


The Edge EX irons feature the same traditional look and feel that everyone knows and loves, with an elegant touch. These irons are differentiated from other irons that the company sells in a number of ways, including:


-The Open Cavity Design. This allows for extreme perimeter weighting to increase clubhead stability and help golfers square the face at the impact.


-Repositioned Mass Behind the Forge Face. Similar to the basic design philosophies that are used in many driver designs, any unnecessary mass behind the forged face was repositioned to be a little lower and rearward.


-Enlarged clubface. The physical size of the clubface as well as the Effective Hitting Area has been enlarged to make Edge EX irons much more forgiving, even on shots that are struck higher up on the clubface.


These irons have been tested more and longer than any other product that the company has brought to market over the last few years. They are available for purchase on the company website.