By Alice Scott

A prime example of double entendre is Nailed Golf as the brilliant Shelley West set out to create the perfect golf gloves for gals, providing space for our nails and ended up nailing it – not just the gloves but then shoes and accessories.

She knows how important golf gloves are, citing that only 1% of pros do not use them. Now she has choices that include elongated versions to accommodate fingernails or open tip to show off a fancy manicure. Nailed Golf gloves aren’t simply longer fingered and pretty, they are functional from a grip standpoint and fit like, yes, a glove.

Once she nailed the gloves, Shelley set her mind on shoes which are a bit more difficult from a sourcing standpoint, especially if you are seeking the highest quality craftsmanship using the best leather fabrics. So, to start, she distributed Aerogreen, timing the end sales of those shoes when her WesTees came off the production line. That production line is comprised of Portuguese cobblers who hand assemble The Glamour Girls and Heiress Collection shoes “with love.”

The Glamour Girls’ Marilyn style is pure white with a fine line of gold glitz, as elegant as Marilyn Monroe and so comfortable, they can transport a traveling golfer through the airport, on to 18 holes and beyond. Weatherproofing is inherent and the patent leather cleans with a swift wipe. No more agony over how to get them like new after sloshing through a rainy round. Gloves come in colors to match WesTees shoes for a luxe finished look.

While Shelley empowers women, men are not left out of the equation.  Current masculine offerings are a Swing Lube shirt, bags, a glove, and customized shoes which are made to fit from a personalized concierge/design call. And anyone may have a virtual glove fitting which “guarantees the best fitting glove of your life or return with no cost to you.” While relatively new to the market, Shelley West has earned rave reviews for her personal customer service.

Ladies’ accessories include socks, caps, clutches, and a birdie flask kit to fill with your beverage of choice. Cheers to those birdies and to Nailed Golf.  www.nailedgolf.com