Get ready to experience warm vibes and clean lines with the PXG summer of 2023 Apparel Capsule Collection Launch. It’s #SUMMERinPXG

PXG Apparel Summer 2023 Capsule

PXG Apparel Summer 2023 Capsule contains both trendy and timeless pieces that will fit effortlessness into your summer wardrobe. The focus on core, golf-centric pieces, introduces contemporary silhouettes created with new technical fabrications. The classic sunshine yellow and navy color palette is perfect for the summer season.

PXG Apparel Summer 2023 Capsule Yellow

The PXG Apparel Summer 2023 Capsule features 11 classic course-ready styles with PXG signature details – six for men and five for women.

PXG Apparel’s Summer 2023 Capsule is the epitome of golf elegance meeting everyday comfort. It is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge style and time-honored tradition – where functionality marries fashion. This capsule is the embodiment of our relentless pursuit of innovation, proving that in the world of PXG, style is never without substance.” – Renee Parsons, PXG Apparel President & Executive Creative Director

The Men’s Capsule

The PXG Apparel Summer 2023 Capsule for menThe men’s capsule features :

  • 4 Core Polos: Quick-dry, moisture-wicking technology that allows for extreme breathability and comfort.
  • Golf Vest: Layerable, four-way stretch with a new silhouette and classic appeal.
  • Slim Shorts: Adds flare as well as sleek function to your summer game.

The Women’s Capsule

The PXG Apparel Summer 2023 Capsule for women

The women’s capsule introduces five figure-flattering pieces:

Both trend and performance driven, PXG’s Apparel Summer 2023 Capsule will help you make the most of the season on the course and everywhere.

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Founded by American entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Parsons in 2013, PXG produces some of the world’s finest golf clubs and apparel. PXG Apparel was established in 2018, with Renee Parsons as the President and Executive Creative Director of Apparel, offering customers seasonal sport fashion designs for any endeavor. PXG has an unrelenting commitment to performance excellence founded on the premise of unlimited time and resources dedicated to research and development – an unusual approach with a groundbreaking endgame.