WINDHAM, NH, — SQAIRZ, the fastest growing golf shoe company, announced today the launch of several new golf shoe lines for 2022. These new golf shoes premiered at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando, FL between January 25-28, 2022, and are available for sale online at https://sqairz.com/.

Professional golfers, as well as enthusiasts, can look forward to the following golf shoe models premiering this year.

Men’s SPEED™

The new SPEED™ model is the sum of all the golf shoe research SQAIRZ has done to date. It has the precise balance of structure, comfort, and performance that golfers are looking for. The new athletic design is great for golfers of all skill levels, particularly those who tend to really go after it. They have enhanced the padding in the collar and the tongue area for even more step-in comfort.

All SPEED™ models have a gusseted tongue and are waterproof all the way to the top eyelet. All models have new Sta-Put Lace™ technology and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The SPEED™ models are now available in four fashionable colorways: White & Silver, Black & Gray, Gray & Black, and NEWWhite & Navy.

Men’s Classic Series

The new SQAIRZ Classic Series is a clean, classic styling inspired by traditional golf shoe design, but combined with SQAIRZ’s patented performance and comfort innovations. It’s a remarkable fusion of tradition and technology, sporting the patented square toe box for better balance and comfort, wide base outsole with strategically positioned removable cleats, and SQAIRZ’s innovative Sta-PutLace™ technology. The upper material is a soft, premium textured grain material that is breathable and guaranteed waterproof. The Classic Series is available in three colorways: White & Black, Gray & Gray, and Black & Gray.

Men’s SPEED™ Mesh

The new SPEED™ Mesh upper material provides enhanced breathability for those who play in extreme heat. Most lightweight mesh shoes lack structure, inhibiting their performance. In fact, if you can hold a shoe by the heel and toe and twist it, the shoe lacks structure and cannot adequately facilitate the golf swing. This lack of structure also causes the foot to move inside the shoe and reduces the energy exchange with the ground, resulting in distance loss. SQAIRZ’s innovative Mesh design solves the problem and integrates the midsole, outsole, and a heel stabilizer providing the structure needed to channel the ground force and optimize swing speed. All models have new Sta-Put Lace™ technology and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The new SPEED™ Mesh is available in White, Gray, and Navy.

Men’s Limited Edition Men’s Redneck (John Daly design)

John Daly is known for popularizing the long ball and coining the phrase ‘grip it and rip it’. He has been wearing SQAIRZ for over a year and “feels more stable, connected to the ground, and has picked up more distance.” John subsequently wanted to participate in a shoe design that was representative of his casual, fun-loving, easy-going southern lifestyle, which he terms being a ‘Redneck’. The Redneck shoe was co-designed with John and integrates symbols of his Arkansas heritage along with a cool silhouette of his likeness. This shoe has all the SQAIRZtechnology combined with a design that represents John’s self-awareness and carefree approach to fashion. Only 500 pairs of these limited-edition shoes will be manufactured.

Men’s Limited-Edition Augusta 11

The 2022 SQAIRZ ‘Limited-Edition Augusta 11’ is a very special design to commemorate Sir Nick Faldo’s two consecutive Masters playoff victories both won on hole #11, called ‘White Dogwood’. This will never happen again as the playoff rules have since changed. Sir Nick won two of his three green jackets in sudden-death playoffs on hole 11, besting Scott Hoch in ’89 and Ray Floyd in ’90. The new Augusta design features Dogwood flowers and a red ‘11’ to signify the importance of the 11th hole. Only 700 pairs of this limited-edition, historic golf shoe will be manufactured. In 2021 SQAIRZ premiered the first limited-edition Augusta shoe and sold out of its limited run in less than a month.

Women’s FREEDOM™ Couture

This truly eclectic styling is inspired by global fashion trends which were creatively integrated into SQAIRZ’s game improvement golf footwear design. The outspoken design features distinct, trendy colorways with complimentary modish accents.SQAIRZ’s lead shoe designer wanted to further enhance the discerning style with an interchangeable kiltie brought to life by jewelry, or “bling”, mounted on the top for added fashion. The Couture models have a gusseted tongue and are waterproof all the way to the top eyelet. They also feature new Sta-Put Lace™ technology and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The new FREEDOM™Couture is available in White & Silver, White & Opal, and White & Gold.

Women’s FREEDOM™ Mesh

A new, stylish casual Mesh design with enhanced breathability for those hot summer days. The new Mesh design integrates the midsole, outsole, and heel stabilizer to provide the structure needed to channel the ground force and optimize swing speed without sacrificing comfort. All models have new Sta-Put Lace™technology and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The new FREEDOM™Mesh is available in White and Gray.


SQAIRZ® is the fastest growing golf shoe brand and the first golf shoe designed to increase distance, balance, stability, and speed. SQAIRZ®’spatented toe design, spike positioning, specially placed comfort padding, Sta-Put

Laces™, and other performance innovations have been proven to improve golfers’ positioning, biomechanics, comfort, balance, and stability. These innovations help golfers to consistently achieve greater accuracy as well as increased ground force connection and swing speed for greater distance. For more information, visit sqairz.com or connect with the company on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.