“These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned!”

By Greg Wise

Don’t you just hate it when companies put this type of testimonials on their website and who is this Sir Nick Faldo, anyway? Do some marketing departments sit around thinking about ways to say it differently and then put a new name on each one?

Well… there is a difference. “These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.” Out of the box and 18-holes, and I was ready for more cause my feet were fine. That just does not happen… At least to me.  

From the start of this adventure there was a different. Lacing the shoes up for the very first time, you experience the new Sta-Put lacing system. These laces have a silicone square about every inch of the lace. When you snug up your shoes for play, they will stay at the tension that you play… all day. No slipping, No re-tying. 

When you first slip your feet in to the SQAIRZ shoes… you will be feeling something totally different. I would describe it as if you were climbing into a Lamborghini for you first time. Once you are in, you feel like this shoe has wrapped itself around your foot. There is a wide-open feel to the toe box in these shoes… roomy yet very secure, that is hard to explain… but it does, almost like playing golf barefoot. Rock back and forth… You FEEL the stability in this shoe. Try to twist your feet on the Turf grass… they won’t shift like other typical golf shoes… allowing you to connect to the ground in a way that creates additional torque from your swing adding to additional swing speed and distance. AND WE ALL WANT THAT!

SQAIRZ’s had independent tests done vs other leading shoes with +2 to and 18 handicap players and shared those results that increase the swing average of 2.2 mph and driving distance increased an average of 8.8 yards.

When you have put on and laced up your SQAIRZ for the first time… you stand up and look down. There is no toe. It seems odd the first time… but take a simple practice swing and finish properly and see what that golf shoe does for you. RIGHT! It goes to where it is supposed to be pointed to the ground and that SQAIRZ toe is helping stabilize the finish as well.

For me… my golf shoes must look good when I look down at them at address to align my shot. There are so many shoes on the market that I just look at and they do not look right. From the very first glance at these shoes… I knew they would work for me. 

Check out all the data on their website – SQAIRZ.com. These golf shoes have a 2-year Waterproof guarantee. That is unheard of. The Gusseted tongue prevents water, sand, or other debris from entering the interior of the shoe

So, here is my takeaway from this. If you are looking for a little extra yardage off the tee… why buy to latest greatest driver? Why not invest in a “Ground Up Restoration” to your game with new shoes that can provide that extra distance, help your entire game and swing get better… and make your feet happy at the same time. 

“SQAIRZ for Life” for me.