Dial in your yardages and and swing to a new beat in 2023 with our favorite golf devices for the season!

2023’s Best Golf Devices


1 – THE PLAYER ($129)

Blue Tees Player Golf Devices

Blue Tees Golf is an award-winning producer of golf rangefinders and accessories, which includes the all new Player, a portable, magnetic, and wireless speaker engineered to deliver a deep rich audio experience on and off the course. Blue Tees has developed the best sounding speaker with amazing acoustics.

The Player features smart audio technology which delivers premium audio, powerful connectivity, and an immersive sound experience on and off the course. An innovative 360 sound element provides the same sound quality from any angle.

The Player can also be paired with multiple speakers at the same time, including home devices like Echo or Alexa. In addition to exceptional sound quality and connectivity, the Player features an ultra-strong magnet that attaches to any golf cart, built-in USB-C power bank, and is fully waterproof.

The Player will be available at Dick’s Sports Goods / Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstores, and at over 1,000 green grass locations before Father’s Day.

The Player can also be bundled with a Series 3 Max, and magnetic hub which keeps device togethers and retails for $389.


2 – SERIES 3 MAX ($320)

Blue Tees Max 3 golf devices

The Series 3 Max rangefinder offers the Blue Tees most advanced software, next-generation design, ultra-premium materials, and a custom weather-proof case. Bringing Active Slope Switch Technology, Crystal Clear Display, Built-in Magnetic Strip, Advanced Flag Lock + Pulse Vibration, Auto-Ambient Tech, and more – all for a fraction of the cost compared to the competition.

The Series 3 Max is available in blue, black, white and rose.



Blue Tees Player and Ringer

In a world where precision is paramount and accuracy is everything, only the best can rise to the top. Welcome to the future of golf. The Player+ is a revolutionary GPS Touch Screen Golf Speaker powered by the Blue Tees Game App. A powerful speaker unlike anything you’ve seen before, get access to over 40,000 courses at your fingertips with an out-of-this-world sound experience. Like its predecessor, it features a magnetic strip and amazing sound. The Ringer is a handheld GPS with all the same features of the Player+ except the speaker.


1 – Cube Laser Rangefinder ($349.99)

Cube laser rangefinder golf devices

After becoming the #1 selling Golf Laser Rangefinder in Korea, CaddyTalk is hitting the US market bringing World’s First, Patented Technology that has never been seen before in laser rangefinders. They deliver the most advanced technology in laser rangefinders with features such as magic slope that uses ballistic technology to measure distance with height and ball trajectory; and environmental slope, which integrates temperature, altitude, and humidity.

In 2023, they released their newtro-inspired laser rangefinder: The CUBE. Awarded 2023 PGA Show’s Best of Show Awards by MYGOLFSPY, this pocket-sized, rechargeable laser rangefinder features Caddy Mode, a patented technology that triangulates the distance between your ball (or first target) and the flag from a different standing point.


1 – PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder ($149.99)

Pro L2 Rangefinder Golf Devices

Shot Scope’s PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder, a multi-function, high performance distance measuring device (DMD) at an unmatched price point.

The lightweight, easy-to-use PRO L2 offers a breadth of advanced innovation that cannot be equaled by any in its price range, including rapid fire technology and target-lock vibration.

It also offers Advanced Slope Technology, as well as 6-times magnification and a 700-yard target range that gives golfers accurate readings within 1 yard, enough to hit everything, even on long Par 5s.

The PRO L2, which conforms to the rules of golf, comes in two models, either blue or gray, and is available for purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, PGA TOUR Superstores, golf specialty stores and on the Shot Scope website.


42 – X5 GPS Golf Watch ($300)

Shot Scope Watch

Shot Scope’s X5 GPS Golf Watch is the next generation in the Company’s award-winning performance tracking and distance measuring smart watch technology. Designed to be worn both on and off the course, the stylish X5 offers AI-powered performance tracking of over 100 statistics with a built-in step counter and accurate, real-time front, middle and back distances to all greens, hazards and doglegs on over 36,000 preloaded golf courses worldwide.

The X5 is completely customizable allowing golfers to choose from 5 different watch face designs, as well as interchange the color of their strap, for a variety of stylish looks.

At an unbeatable price point, the X5 is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstores, golf specialty stores or on the Shot Scope website.


Enjoy these new golf devices and let us know where your game takes you!