Saintnine by Nexen Launches ‘We Have a Dream’ Limited Edition Golf Balls

New year – new golf balls! Saintnine by Nexen manufactures golf balls that are best known for superior technical qualities as well as motivational designs to help golfers play at their best level. Choosing the right golf ball to bring with you onto the course can have a great impact on your game. If your New Year’s resolution is to get your head into the golf game, look no further than these brand-new golf balls that Saintnine has dropped.

Inspired by a dream of inclusion, acceptance, equality and justice for all in the world, Saintnine has officially launched “We Have A Dream” golf balls, which come in yellow, green, orange and red in their “X” super distance ball as well as their Misty golf ball.

Saintnine’s “X” ball is the longest non-conforming ball on the market, as it is smaller and heavier than a traditional conforming ball. Saintnine’s Misty golf ball is their ultimate matte finish ball with an ionomer cover and 3-piece construction.

The “We Have A Dream” limited edition golf balls can only be purchased on Saintnine’s website through the end of January.