Perfect Practice Launches The Raindrop

The winter months can be inconvenient for golfers as they are not able to get to the course as regularly as they would like. It is also a great time for golfers to practice and prepare themselves for the upcoming season. Just a few weeks ago, Perfect Practice, driven to deliver high-quality game-improvement solutions to golfers of all abilities, partnered up with GOLF Top-100 Instructor, Matt Killen, to launch The Raindrop, a retractable putting string alignment device.

With the Raindrop, golfers can easily practice just like the professionals. The Raindrop will help to improve their putting stroke, speed control, green reading skills as well as their overall alignment. It is super easy for golfers to set up and adjust. The Raindrop has two stakes as well as a retractable string extending up to 15 feet. Perfect Practice built this product to offer golfers maximum efficiency. This way, they can easily transition to putts of different lengths, and breaks, within seconds.

Matt has worked with major championship winners as well as thousands of other golfers. Therefore,  Perfect Practice knew he would be the perfect match for helping golfers improve efficiently and effectively.

The Raindrop can be purchased at Perfect Practice, and for a limited time at an introductory price of $49.99 while supplies last at perfectpractice.golf.