Knuth Golf is showing their High Heat 257+ fairway woods and hybrids with a major redesign of the sole using their Turf Glider Sole (TGS) technology.


Many high handicap players take overly large divots so-called “fat shots” when attempting to hit their fairways and hybrids. This robs them of distance and accuracy and effectively increases their score. Knuth’s TGS technology configures the sole of these metalwoods to do away with fat shots and stop the digging.


All High Heat 257+ woods have the CG located very low and deep in the head compared with competitors clubs and this helps produce a higher ball flight giving more distance with improved accuracy. They also use Knuth’s unique 3-Trampoline Technology with the face having three zones with different characteristic times (CT), the measurement of the amount of face rebound as allowed in the USGA Rules of Golf. The areas of the face towards the heel and toe have higher CT values than the center area so when impact is not in the center the greater trampoline-effect helps retain ball speed.


This has been called “the most significant new technology for amateurs in the past 25 years.”


Fairway woods are $399 each and hybrids are $299 each with stock Fujikura shaft. Additional information may be found at HighHeatGolf.com.