Honma Golf’s announcement of their latest club family introduces the TR20 line. TR stands for Tour Release with the driver and irons targeted for play by better players. Driver models have carbon fiber soles and crowns to save weight that was relocated to improve distance and control. The hosel adjustability is interesting since rather than the conventional system when the entire head or shaft turns as loft or face angle are changed; an inner hosel ring moves so head and shaft orientation remain constant.


The TR20V irons are forged from soft carbon steel in a cavity back design and the TR20P irons are forged from S35C steel with an L-cup face. Honma tells me they are similar enough in design to make a combination set helpful to a large number of players.


On the PGA Tour the number nine player in the Official World Golf Rankings, Justin Rose, is playing a prototype TR20B that is expected to be available this summer.


Key Features TR 20 drivers
Better-players category
440cc or 460cc heads
Three adjustable sole weights (3,6,9,12, & 15grams)
Adjustable hosel – face angle +/- 1.5°, loft +/- 1°, lie <2°
Titanium frame with carbon fiber crown/sole
Thin cast titanium face with vertical grooves in back
Stock shafts VIZARD 50, 60, 70, plus Tour upgrade options
At retail in March for $649.99


Key Features TR20P irons
Players-distance category
Forged body with L-cup face
Stronger lofts
Internal pocket with tungsten weight


Key Features TR20V irons
TR20V players category
Forged one-piece modern cavity back
Smaller head than TR20P

Both irons models in shops in March retail $174.99 steel shafts /$199.99 graphite