The Dominican Republic has been described as “the perfect retirement destination” by a seniors’ lifestyle website.

The BestPlacesRetire website says the Dominican Republic provides an idyllic climate, low cost of living  excellent ROI and relaxed lifestyle for retirees, along with security, financial and healthcare advantages.

“The tropical Caribbean paradise of the Dominican Republic is the perfect retirement destination for many baby boomers looking for a change of pace in their retirement years.”

One example of its cost-effective lifestyle is that luxury apartments at the new Reserva Real community from leading developer Noval Properties, start as low as $213,000  for a two-bedroomed fully furnished  property in a gated Golf Community just minutes from the beach . It includes onsite access to the Golf and Country Club. As well as membership to the private owners beach club and access to the International Resort beach club minutes from the community. AS well as five modern hospital facilities

The Dominican Republic offers the best value in the Caribbean, say experts, as retirees can live comfortably on just US$1,200 a month. Housing, transport and groceries in DR can all be affordable, says the website.

With average temperatures of 80deg F (27C) the climate of the Dominican Republic is ideal for seniors. Even in the rainy season, sunshine breaks out on most days.

Coastal cities, including Punta Cana where the Noval projects are located, , are the most popular destinations for retirees, as they have larger expat communities and the largest range of amenities and attractions, as well as a beach lifestyle. Spanish is the country’s official language, and  English is widely spoken due to a large number of expatriates.

The Dominican Republic features shopping centers, museums, theaters, sports stadiums, and over 25 golf courses, providing baby boomer retirees who settle there with much to do, says the website.

For those in America and Canada, the Dominican Republic is relatively close to home and international travel readily available.

Health care in the Dominican Republic is affordable, with the best facilities in the cities and major population centres.

Retirees can qualify for permanent residency in the Dominican Republic if they receive at least $1500 per month from any type of income, including a pension, and pass the required checks and documentation process. Additional persons (such as spouses or dependents) require at least $250 per month in income to qualify.

Those who spend more than 182 days per year in the Dominican Republic are considered to be a resident. Those who have lived in the country for at least three years are taxed on global income, while non-residents are only taxed on money they make in the Dominican Republic.

“The Dominican Republic provides a unique choice for baby boomer retirees looking for a retirement destination. After weighing the options, many decide that moving to the Dominican Republic upon retirement is the best usage of their money in their golden years,” the BestPlacesRetire website concludes.