The Carlborg Bio:

Sandra Carlborg is a 39-year-old World Long Drive competitor from Alingsas, Sweden. Sandra started her golf career as a young girl in Sweden where early on she showed true talent. Being from a golf family, she was able to learn the game at a young age was just 14 when she made her first eagle on a golf trip to Portugal with her family.

Carlborg started her professional golf career in 2004 and joined the European Ladies Tour in 2005 finishing in 14 place and then continued to play around the world with Letaccess Tour, South African Tour, and the Swedish Tour.

With her impressive past, she then chose to put her all into her Long Drive game. Sandra is no rookie as she already has six Women’s World Long Drive Championship titles with the record of 401 yards.

Sandra Carlborg

The Carlborg Story:

I started to play golf at age of 11. Won my first competition when I was 12, tuned pro at 20 and qualified for the Ladies European Tour the same year. I played professional golf for ten plus years around the world, mostly in Europe.

Long Drive was at first just a hobby. Starting in 2017 I started to focus full time on Long Drive. I competed pregnant all season 2019. I had a baby girl 2020 and another in 2021 and I’m now on my way back.

I wasn’t done competing. I am in my best shape possible and I have the strength and swing to capture the world championship of Long Drive in Atlanta in October.



You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving passion?

Right now, it’s about reaching my goal. Getting stronger, swinging faster and hitting it longer than ever before. right now.

Sandra Carlborg World Long Drive Championship - Season 2016

WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIP — Season: 2016: — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Cy Cyr/Golf Channel)


How did competing in long drive events get on your radar screen?

My friend, Jessica Wallstrom, who was competing in long drive events and told me to try 2008. I won my first event — establishing the world record of 391 yards in 2009. That stood till an event in Denver in 2017 when four ladies broke the 400-yard barrier.


What is the specific driver you play in terms of model, loft, shaft length and type when competing?

Cobra Aerojet 9. 5.5 degree of loft depends on the day, my form and weather conditions. Paderson Kinetixx shaft, 48 inches in length.

Sandra Carlborg world long drive ak-chin smash in the sun- Season # 2018

WLD Ak-Chin Smash in the Sun — Season: 2018– Pictured: (– (Photo by: Cy Cyr/Golf Channel)


Was playing competitive golf on the LPGA Tour ever a consideration?

I was playing in Europe but since I didn’t reach the top there, I never took my game to the LPGA. Sometimes I think maybe my golf game had fit better here and regret I never tried. I have played in a few pro-am events with the LPGA and happy for that.


The single most important key in hitting long drives is what?

Hit the ball. It’s when you stop hitting you lose control, power and straightness.

Sandra Carlborg world long drive atlantic city boardwalk bash- Season 2018

WLD Atlantic City Boardwalk Bash– Season: 2018 — Pictured: Sandra Carlborg — (Photo by: Cy Cyr/Golf Channel)


From a training perspective — what’s your daily routine like?

Right now, I’m still in a up building stage after having two girls within 1.5 years. I hit balls 3-4 times and workout about 5 times a week! The closer to the world championship we come I will hit more balls and maybe a little less gym time.

When my second baby was on the way, my husband built a garage where I now have a simulator and gym. That makes my practice a lot easier.


Biggest mistake men and women make in regards to attempting to hit the ball longer distances is what?

I can see a lot of golfers who try to add speed, they are too quick at the start of the swing and lose a lot of power in the back swing.

Make sure you finish your swing, then you can swing as hard as you want.

Sandra Carlborg volvik world long drive championship- Season # 2017

Volvik World Long Drive Championship — Season: 2017 — Sept 6 Finals — (Photo by: Jessica Danser/Golf Channel)


If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why? 

Sometimes I wish we had two serves like in tennis!


You’ve got one word to describe yourself — what word would that be?

wld clash in the canyon- Season # 2017

WLD Clash in the Canyon — Season: 2017 — Pictured: (l-r) Talent Name as Character Name, Talent Name as Character Name — (Photo by: Jessica Danser/Golf Channel)


Best advice you ever received — what was it and who was it from?   

Helen Alfredsson, my friend, my all-around coach and one of the best Swedish golfers of all-time. One of the first things she told me was focus on what’s really important.

For me that’s helping me thru life. I have always 100 things going on and I always need to come back to what’s most important right now, at this moment.


WLD event / Mesquite, Nevada
Carlborg was in the field this past week at the kick-off World Long Drive (WLD) event held in Mesquite, Nevada (March 10-12).
She returned to compete for the first time since having her second child and finished runner-up in the Women’s division to Monica Lieving.
Carlborg’s best tee shot topped out at 320 yards. Lieving won with a drive of 350 yards. WLD is now owned by GF Sports and Entertainment. The next event is planned for Hobe Sounds, FL (April 13-16). For more info go to:


For more info about Sandra Carlborg go to:

Instagram: @sandracarlborg