Golf does not only help to improve you physically, but mentally as well. For many people, golf is not just a hobby, networking event, or a game – it is a true way of life. The game of golf can offer you so many lessons about life that you can not only apply to the sport, but to every aspect! Whether you are just starting out playing golf, or you have been playing for years, here are some key lessons to remember when appreciating the game:

  • Have patience. Golf is all about patience. Great things do not always come to people fast, in fact, some of the best things come at a slower pace! Learn to have patience on and off the course and realize that things will fall into place as they are supposed to. 
  • Accept what isn’t in your control. During a game, things do not always go as planned and you may not play as well as you intended to. Unfortunately, that is just part of life! It is important to recognize that you cannot control everything. So, when things do not go your way, shake it off and think about what you can do in the future to prevent it from occurring again. 
  • Think on your feet. Sometimes you must make rash decisions on the course – as you do in life! Being on the course teaches you that you do not always have the luxury to take time to truly think things out. At certain points, you need to go with your gut and make your choice, fast!