The winter season can be tough for golfers, as local courses are not as easily accessible due to the weather conditions. Why not treat yourself to a little golf getaway with some friends, family, or just by yourself?! It is a great excuse to go on a well-deserved vacation and enjoy your favorite game while you’re able to relax. When it comes to travel, especially if it requires a flight, it is totally worth it to ship your clubs vs. checking them onto the plane. Here are a few reasons why:

It is a simple process.

Shipping your clubs is a very simple, easy process, especially when you go
through golf shipping specialists, who do this for a living! Your clubs will be picked up at your
door and dropped off wherever you choose.


You know your clubs are in good hands.

When you check your clubs at an airport, you cannot
be certain whether they will get damaged or how they will be handled. When you choose to ship your clubs, you know they are in good hands, and the process is generally insured.


It is easier on you physically.

Lastly, if you choose to ship your clubs, you can forget about
lugging your clubs through security and around the airport – your back will be pain free!