I recall a number of holiday seasons in the past where one of my prior companies made a last-minute rush to deliver a simulator for the holidays. At least a couple super-rush jobs involved celebrities–via a game show host’s third wife and a very big (yet quite short) action film star.

An exponentially growing number of gift-givers are taking advantage of ever-increasing gift options to introduce their special other to the indoor golf culture. You can get a pretty darn cool radar device or a mediocre but cheap simulator starter kit for as little as a few hundred dollars. Or you could go crazy (certifiably–seek help) and spend over $100k on massive simulator overkill.

There are many sensible and arguably exciting options to get started in indoor golf. The starting point in any system should be the “launch monitor” which is what tracks the ball, and sometimes the club. They can be used as-is–in your garage, backyard, or the range–but they can also be the primary building block of a home simulator.

With that in mind, here are some simulator options at various prices:

A $300 radar device and the more robust $600 Garmin

Golf simulator Garmin

In the $2000 range–SkyTrak and Mevo+

Skytrak golf simulator

Mevo golf simulator








In the $7k range, Full Swing Kit, Foresight G3, and Uneekor

Full swing kit

In the $15k range–Flightscope X3 and GC2

Flight scope

In the $20k range–GC Hawk and Trackman


To create your own simulator, please contact Clarity Golf.

Article written by Bill Bales

Bill Bales