Tis the season when we can expect club companies to start announcing their newest products and some may actually be a significant step forward in performance. Among the first and with prospects of helping the user make more putts is Cleveland Golf’s Frontline family due in stores Sept. 13.

Frontline putters make use of a different approach to head weighting with tungsten weights in the face towards the toe and heel. This is seen as the key to reducing the inconsistencies of mishits while preserving ball speed.

“We are very excited about Frontline because it is a completely new approach to putter design,” said Jacob Lambeth, Research and Development Engineer at Cleveland Golf. “By pairing an extreme center of gravity with an improved speed optimized face, we’ve designed a putter that uniquely maximizes directional and speed consistency. Combined with slick black cosmetics, great shapes and hosel options for different stroke types, Frontline really is the whole package.”

Mallet style putters typically have put extra weighting towards the rear of the head to improve the MOI and give more stability when impact wasn’t exactly in the center of the face. The center of gravity is then towards the rear but with the new construction of the Frontline the CG is right behind the face and Cleveland says this makes a marked improvement in accuracy.

Frontline offers three different mallet options that include Cleveland’s 2135 Technology to improve alignment and there are two hosel configurations, either single bend for straight stroke types or slant neck for those with a slight arc stroke.

Frontline Key Features
Forward Weights: Two tungsten MIM (Metal Injection Molded) plugs in face moving CG closer to the face
SOFT: Cleveland’s proprietary Speed Optimized Face Technology for more consistent ball speed across entire face
2135 Technology: Featured on the Elevado, Cero and Iso models, achieve perfect alignment on every putt, regardless of where your eyes are at address
Single bend or slant neck hosel choice Elevado, Cero and Iso mallets
Stock Lamkin SINKFit Pistol Frontline grip
Three stock lengths: 33”, 34” and 35”

The Frontline 4.0 blade will retail for $179.99 and the three mallets (Elevado, Cero and Iso) for $199.99.