Golf lovers – you may or may not have heard of some brand-new no-touch flagstick options to help improve your game, due to the new R&A and USGA rule allowing for flagsticks to remain in the hole when putting. These ball retrieval systems are perfect for ensuring that there is no damage to a hole’s edges and they also help to keep green maintenance costs down as best as possible. We’re featuring two ball retrieval systems that we think you need to get your hands on: 

  • Golf Ball EZ Lyft’s Touch-less Golf Ball retrieval system. This system is super easy to install on any existing flag pin and will take you less than 5-minutes to get going! Now, you can retrieve the ball simply by lifting the handle with any club, which will help you to increase your pace of play, protect the cup from damage and allow the ball to go fully into the hole. With this purchase, you are also supporting “First Tee” in St. Petersburg, Florida, which promotes better learning environments and educational programs for kids.
  • Pitchfix’s PickCup. One of the best benefits of PickCup is the fact that it can be installed higher up on the flagstick than normal, which is huge given our current COVID-19 circumstance. This has proven to be very effective during these times and has helped social distancing efforts. Not to mention, it is created out of weatherproof polyurethane plastic so can be used in wet weather conditions.