BUFFALO, NY – OnCore Golf Technology, Inc. is excited to announce the availability of the latest updates to their Golf Boost AI Swing Coach App. Committed to their mission, “making you a better golfer”, Golf Boost AI is an “at-home golf swing analyzer” available for IOS and Android phones.


This patented, revolutionary artificial intelligence technology allows golfers to receive instant golf swing analysis and lessons using just a video recording of their swing from either iPhone or Android devices.  Golf Boost’s proprietary AI technology compares the user’s body positions, biomechanics, and tempo with an ideal model developed over years with the help of leading PGA instructors.  Personalized corrective analysis, drills, and lessons are then delivered to the user in real-time.


“OnCore is very pleased to be offering this tremendous tool to golfers of all skill levels.  Our hope is that by improving their swing, eliminating some of the flaws that impact their score on the course, and being able to see the progress they are making from the Swing Rating tool, Golf Boost AI users will find themselves enjoying much better rounds of golf very quickly,” offered Keith Blakely, OnCore Golf CEO.


The Golf Boost AI app is very user friendly, allowing golfers to stand in front of the camera by themselves or with someone else recording their swing, with or without a golf club in their hands.


The latest updates to the app detect the user and, through voice commands, instruct them on where to stand in order to capture the swing correctly.  Once in the correct position, the countdown begins automatically.  New and improved AI swing angles and frames capture and display the various angles and lines on key body parts that have been detected from Golf Boost’s AI algorithm for review at any time.


Golf Boost AI has also added a proprietary and innovative swing scoring system allowing users to track their progress as they perform the recommended drills and lessons offered by the app.  Users receive an overall swing score with each video upload along with scores from three different categories; tempo, position and power.


“As a PGA Instructor, I am always cautious about new applications, but I was surprised when I demo’ed Golf Boost AI for myself,” states Brian Jacobs, Lead Instructor for the Golf Channel and a PGA Teacher of the Year.  “The analysis tools (AI video analysis and My Swing Angles) were well designed and thought out where this platform can be helpful to others who want to improve their game.”


OnCore Golf is also proud to announce Golf Boost AI is completely free for the first thirty (30) days allowing golfers to get the most out of the AI analysis and lessons before making any decision on purchasing an ongoing subscription.  Plans are available on a monthly ($4.99) or yearly ($49.99) basis. For more information and to download Golf Boost AI, please visit www.golfboost.com/download.