aboutGOLF Simulators are bridging the gap between the links and the lounge.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, is a saying that has continually become relevant in the game of golf, especially in the “Modern Era” of the game today. Golf was a game conceived to play outdoors, exposed to the variables of weather and playing conditions. If Scotland is truly the home of golf, then they could not have picked a much more difficult place to invent and play this game. In most regions in the world today, weather makes it very difficult, and in many cases, impossible to play golf for nearly half of the calendar year. The invention of indoor golf has forever changed how we play the game and our ability to play, anywhere, at anytime, with anyone, it is truly amazing.

It is no secret that aboutGOLF is the world’s most authentic and accurate indoor golf and entertainment platform, and a market leader in technology and applications as well. With over 25 years in the golf simulation business, the company is dedicated to pursuing the perfect indoor golf system.

aG has deep roots as the world’s number one all-time distributor of computer golf simulation software and have blazed the trail to revolutionary technology. Characterized by an insatiable desire to push the envelope, the team challenges the conventional and continues to innovate, create, and enhance the experience of indoor golf while growing expanded applications and programs.

aboutGOLF in home simulator

Indoor golf simulators today have evolved through advanced technology to become multi-media centers for golf, fitness, sports, home theatre and full entertainment venues for the entire family. They have become an integral part of primary living space in homes, great additions to indoor golf facilities, private clubs and corporate businesses for events, conferences, and training. Their diversity is only limited by the imagination of what’s next in interactive technology in golf and entertainment systems.

Golf simulation and ball tracking has come a long way since the days of Microsoft Golf 1998. Revolutionary technology has allowed aboutGOLF to progress from radar in 2002 to the state-of-the-art machine vision tech that they use in their simulators today. There are three main factors that determine how accurate a golf simulator is.

First, is golf ball spin measured, or estimated?

Second, how does the ball interact with the digital world after it has been struck? 

Finally, is the interaction between the ball and the physical objects that it collides with on the course realistic?

At aG, they’ve been developing technology that puts a premium on accurate measurement and physics for over twenty years. Every aboutGOLF sim is custom built with 3Trak© technology that measures the three-dimensional position of the golf ball with stereo vision (multiple cameras) in the first few feet of flight after being hit by the golf club.

These high-performance cameras use proprietary machine vision technology to precisely track every shot. From world long drive champions hitting drives at speeds of more than 220 miles per hour to short putts rolling at a leisurely 2 MPH, aG tech was built from the ground up to ensure that every shot is measured and interacts with the digital golf course the same way you would expect to see it in the real world. When compared to the radar technology used by others in the simulator industry, aG machine vision shines as a true north star for simulated golf accuracy. 

Another area where aboutGOLF simulators stand tall above the competition is in their custom installations. All aG sims are custom built for the space they’re meant for, which is bringing golf sims out of the garage and basements of America and bringing them to customers’ living spaces. 

aboutGOLF simulator in living room

Advanced multi-media in functions and applications have also made their products more universally used as entertainment centers for a mixture of golf, sports viewing, movies, television and a host of interactive gaming and streaming systems.

It takes approximately 8-weeks from the time you sign your sales agreement to final installation touches on an aG sim.

The minimum dimensions for a custom simulator with single-hitter stance are 9’6” H x 12’ W x 18’6” L. To accommodate both left and right-handed hitters, the width must increase to 15’. If you are exceptionally tall, the height can vary. 

All installations are handled by factory trained teams; they are the best in the industry. Configurations come in flat screens as well as in truly immersive curved screens that make you feel like you’re really on the course at Pebble Beach or any of the other 85+ top rated courses that are available through the aboutGOLF software. 


On the commercial side of things, aboutGOLF has been expanding its ability to meet the needs of business owners, club managers and more with powerful new enterprise software that allows them to be totally in control of their simulators from anywhere in the world. Commercial installations with indoor golf centers, private sporting and golf clubs have created new opportunities for growth year-round in a sector that was once only seasonal. In fact, according to one aG case study, aboutGOLF simulators have helped Hayden Lake Country Club in Coeur d’Alene , Idaho increase their revenue during winter months by more than $500,000 per year! Their commercial applications are expanding into new sectors in corporate business, conventions, resort venues and massive entertainment centers throughout the world. 

aboutGolf remains committed to providing an unparalleled experience to their customers no matter who or where they are. Making the best golf simulator in the world is only the beginning for them. Their team of professionals was built from the ground up to support their customers from the design process all the way through using the simulator on a daily basis. Their award-winning customer service team is available to answer questions and upgrade systems to ensure that you have the best experience possible, no matter what.

aG is obviously passionate about golf, particularly indoor golf and they intend to continue investing in that experience with a goal of making it rival the outdoor game in every way possible. With a strong commitment to research and development, they continue to push the industry forward with new technologies, games, courses, and new software. New and existing customers can be assured that their simulator will always remain exciting.