Since 1985, Revo has become a global performance eyewear brand that is leading in polarized lens
technology. The Revo sunglasses were first created with lens technology developed by NASA as solar
protection for satellites. With Revo, you can always expect the clearest and most advanced high-
contrast polarized eyewear. Recently, Revo announced that they will be expanding their golf division to
the United Kingdom and Europe! Additionally, the company has brought on Holiday Golf as its
distributor for mainland Europe.

With this expansion, golfers around the world can experience Revo and its signature Light Management
System™, a technology that manages the full spectrum of light including harmful Blue Light and HEV
Light. The Revo lens palette has numerous offerings for golfers to improve contrast and visual acuity
while also highlighting key parts of the light spectrum. This ultimately offers golfers a more precise visual
experience on the course.

Revo hopes that this expansion will allow for the company to be the sunglasses brand of choice for
golfers all over Europe, and as Revo becomes available in more locations around the world, they will aim
to work with more key partners.

Check out Revo’s latest collection of sunglasses, “Revo Black,” featuring three distinct design concepts –
carbon fiber details, featherweight construction, and solderless titanium frame fronts. The sunglasses in
this collection range from $329.00 – $349.00.