Just in time for the holiday gifting season SkyGolf has announced the latest in their rangefinder line the SX400 with the similar features to the SX500 released last year but in a smaller size.

Speaking of the quick and enthusiastic acceptance of the SX500 Jacqui Surman, SkyGolf Senior VP and COO said, “After 3 wins and many top ten finishes in recent months on the European Seniors Staysure Tour, players are now telling us they no longer need their laser or even a yardage book as the SX500 provides all the information they need in a faster and easier way so they can focus on playing their best golf.”

“Now, we have harnessed all the advanced stroke-saving features of the SX500 and designed the SX400 for golfers wanting a more compact version of this popular device,” continues Surman. “The graphics and interface of the SX500 and SX400 are incredibly appealing and really give you every bit of information tour pros get from their caddies to play your best golf. With the launch of the SX500 and now the more compact SX400, we believe the SX Series is the best-priced, easiest to use, and most feature-packed GPS rangefinders on the market today.”

The SX400 has a 4-inch touch screen with brightness and contrast making it readily readable in sunlight plus several automated features making it virtually touch-free as soon as it is turned on.

Key Features SkyCaddie SX400
Daylight visible display touch screen
Auto course, hole and zoom
Dynamic HoleVue re-orients hole based on viewing angle
IntelliGreen view shows entire hole
IntelliPath gives distance to target and hazards
RangeVue shows personal club yardages
SkyCaddie PinPoint allows entry of pin locations
Digital scoring
Wi-Fi connectivity for updated course information
Connects to SkyGolf 360 to record performance data
Retail price $299.95 includes 1-year Double Eagle Worldwide Membership
$30 in subsequent years