Get Connected With the Best Social Golf App: Wedoo.Golf

When you reach the first tee on your home course and get set for a great day of golf and fun with friends are you wondering how a social golf app could make the experience even better? If not, you should be! 

You’re looking forward to not only swinging some clubs and making some birdies, but also relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. Imagine if you had the ability to add some spice to your game with friendly competitions, contests and offering a round of favorite drinks to the winner afterwards at the clubhouse pub. Cool, right?

The founders of Wedoo.Golf thought so, too! And they made a social golf app to bring that fun to your golf day.

Play, connect, and have fun with the new social golf app

Digital, private and ad-free, Wedoo.Golf is the industry’s premier social golf app

Step into the Wedoo.Golf world and boost your golf fun with everything you enjoy:  challenges, contests, bragging rights, photos and so on, all while expanding your circle of golf buddies, locally or wherever you travel around the world.

Wedoo.Golf members can easily look for fellow local golfers to play some friendly rounds with you. 

Find yourself in another city or country? Uneasy about getting paired with a golfing partner on a totally different level than yours? You can easily set your search criteria to find a partner who best matches your level. Unfamiliar with area golf courses?  Wedoo.Golf can point you to the best greens in your immediate area.  

And that’s only the start! 

With the Wedoo.Golf web app, golfers can go beyond the basic game to add more fun with friendly challenges, shared experiences, photos and memories that don’t just stop at the 18th hole. You can meet new people who share the love of golf like you do. It’s easy to build and expand your golf social footprint with Wedoo.Golf.

There are no ads or selling your personal information with Wedoo.Golf.

The business model is coined as the ‘fremium’ model, which gives a first level of free access with the opportunity to subscribe for an annual membership with more perks and functionalities later, all for a cost lower than most green fees. In this way, your private individual data is not sold to third parties, and you are not inundated with annoying ads, like many other social apps do to make money.

Golf is, simply put, a social experience. It’s one of the rare sports that allows the opportunity to spend enjoyable social time with others while practicing the game. Golf enhances interaction between different generations and walks of life, creating valuable friendships, business relationships and memories in its wake that endure over time. 

Wedoo.Golf has taken that vision a step further by giving golfers a new and easy way to expand their network of golfing buddies and enjoy the game in exciting ways.

Every month the team at Wedoo.Golf regularly add new features and membership benefits to enhance each member’s overall experience. They also offer special subscription rates and dedicated features for golf pros and golf course owners to create increased revenue opportunities for their facilities by connecting members and guests who play at their courses.

Do not hesitate to register for free for this new social golf app at https://wedoo.golf/register and be able to:

  • Find New Golfing Partners
  • Defy and Take On Challenges
  • Organize Golf Rounds
  • Enter Contests
  • Enjoy & Share More About Your Games
  • 100% Private and Secure
  • Free Trial and Expanded Membership

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