Tour Edge Golf is offering new complete sets of the Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Black high-tech clubs with bag for men, women, seniors and juniors at attractive prices to promote people taking up golf.

“Our Get in the Game products include complete sets for men, seniors, women and juniors, as well as modestly priced golf bags, wedges and putters,” said Tour Edge President David Glod. “The entire Get in the Game concept is fueled by our desire to help grow the game of golf by offering great performing products at the best pricing in the industry. No one else is doing what we are doing as far as offering every type of golfer a quality option to get into new golf equipment.

All the Bazooka 370 clubs new Bazooka 470 have new head shapes and repositioned weighting for more forgiveness along with ultra-thin faces for added ball speed. The new clubs are easier to hit and with easy launch from any lie.

Bazooka 370 Box Set all with graphite shafts either Regular or Senior flex includes:
Driver 10.5°
3-wood 15°
5-wood 19°
4- & 5-hybrids
5-iron through sand wedge
Heel & toe weighted Putter
Lightweight dual strap stand bag
Available now priced at $439.99

The Bazooka 470 Black are a complete men’s set with aerodynamically shaped heads in the woods and large clubheads in the irons with a wider and longer blade.

The boxed set consists of the following and with steel shafted irons a stand bag or with graphite shafted irons a cart bag.
Driver 10.5°
3-wood 15°
5-wood 19°
4- & 5-hybrids
6- & 7-Ironwoods
8-iron through sand wedge
Available now for $539.99

Key Features
Bazooka 370 driver thinner face with additional heel and toe weighting
Bazooka 470 Black driver new higher MOI shape
Bazooka 470 Black fairways reshaped
Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Black hybrids shallower face with deeper CG
Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Black irons larger undercut cavity
Bags are new lightweight construction in new colors