Preparing golf clubs for shipping requires planning and care. Whether you’re shipping one club or a set, making sure your packaging method is precise will ensure safe clubs. Although we understand shipping is challenging, we have a guide on how to ship your golf clubs without damaging them to help you through this process.

Wrap Your Clubs

Start the packing process by wrapping your golf clubs and using headcovers. This will prevent nicks, dents, and scratches on the exterior of the club. While traveling, golf clubs will endure a lot of force. Therefore, it’s essential to start with a basic level of protection.

Bundle Your Clubs

The most delicate part of a golf club is where the shaft meets the clubhead. When they stand alone in a travel case, your clubs become prone to snapping. Bundle your clubs together and create a strong support system that will decrease the chances of their snapping. Once your clubs are together, use bubble wrap and packing tape to prevent excess movement. The more bubble wrap and tape you use, the more secure your clubs will be. This will also reduce damage during shipping.

Include a Support Rod

When traveling, tall clubs will endure the most force in vehicles. You can combat damage by purchasing an aluminum support rod. This item is a club protector that will act as the tallest point in your golf bag. Therefore, the rod is absorbing the force from your tallest club. Support rods add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind that your golf clubs will remain safe.

Pack Clubs in a Protective Box

Now that you’ve bundled the clubs, it’s time to place them in a protective box. Corrugated packaging such as golf boxes fit the shape of golf clubs. Place your bundled clubs in a designated box and pad the sides with additional bubble wrap. This adds an additional layer of protection, as your clubs won’t shift while traveling.


We understand that traveling with golf clubs is tricky. Of course, you want all your clubs to arrive in one piece without any damage. You can achieve this by following some specific steps. If you need a refresher on these steps, always refer to our guide on how to ship your golf clubs without damaging them for help.