People often discuss the value of washing their cars. A clean car looks better, is less likely to corrode, and lasts longer than a dirty car. Despite these benefits, some golfers are hesitant to wash their golf carts, fearful of damaging them. But there are only a few tricks you need to learn to have a sparkling cart ready for tee time. Here is everything you need to know about how to wash your golf cart.

Prep the Cart

Before washing the golf cart, make sure that you either remove or cover anything prone to water damage. For instance, if you keep any personal items in the cart, such as scorecards, bags, floor mats, or a GPS, you will want to remove them.

You may also want to cover the seats with a tarp to prevent water from getting into the cushions. Likewise, shield the dashboard and any other electronic components prone to damage. Before beginning, make sure the cart is off.

Washing the Body

Avoid using an old rag or t-shirt to wash your golf cart. Old rags, especially ones that you’ve used to wash a vehicle before, tend to be abrasive. Cloths designed for washing cars, such as microfiber towels and mitts, will be much gentler on your cart’s exterior. You will also want to fill two buckets with water. The first bucket will have your soapy, wash water. The other will be where you rinse your mitt. The two-bucket rule ensures you aren’t simply spreading more dirt over the exterior of your cart.

Start by rinsing your car with a hose to loosen any dirt or grime caked to the exterior. Then, gently wash the outside with your mitt or cloth using the two-bucket system. When you finish, use a microfiber towel to dry. Allowing the cart to air dry will lead to watermarks, and using standard towels may scratch the exterior.

Wipe Down the Windshield

Most golf carts’ windshields are not composed of glass. As such, glass cleaner and paper towels will not clean the windshield as effectively. In fact, they may scuff and scratch the windshield. Warm soapy water and the same microfiber towel or mitt that you used for the body of the cart will work sufficiently.

Clean the Battery

Over time, dirt, grease, and corrosion can build up on a vehicle battery’s surface. This can shorten the life of a battery, so it’s good to check your golf cart’s battery once a month and clean it if necessary. To clean the battery, turn the golf cart off and then clean the battery terminal with a mixture of water and baking soda using a toothbrush. Rinse when done.