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Patrick Shea has spent over 26 years in the golf industry as both as a PGA Professional and entrepreneur.  He is a golf brand & marketing specialist and product evangelist in both golf technology and consumer products.


Creating and launching my first brand, GOLO Golf Dice Game was both the most difficult and yet best education for me. It helped shape me into who I am as a person and become a successful entrepreneur.


You wake up in the morning — what’s the driving passion?

Being able to create something from nothing.


What was the genesis for your idea on a new and more impactful golf rangefinder?

I lost 3 rangefinders in one year and had enough. I just thought there has to be an easier way to access/locate your rangefinder.


What distinguishes the Upside Golf Rangefinder from others already operating in the category?

It’s as accurate and fast as the best available. Both the magnet design and type of magnet in the rangefinder. (Will never fall off). It’s ridiculously affordable.


Golf gear weeklyHow long a period from product idea to actual prototypes?

One year.


From a marketing effort — what’s the rough percentages from an emphasis area in terms of online sales, green grass shops and brick and mortar retail outlets?  

Upside is primarily a direct to consumer company selling exclusively online through Amazon. Our goal is to deliver premium products, with a unique design, that is affordable for everyone.  By going direct, the consumer benefits on price and service.


Suggested retail price is what? Any warranty provided?

$179 / 1-year warranty / 30-day money back guarantee. We also stand 100% behind all our products. If there are any issues, we always take care of our customers.


Do you envision a time when the professional tours will permit rangefinders to be used in formal competitions such as the PGA Tour and the major championships?

It’s now happening in college and they just started allowing shorts.  It also speeds up play so I don’t see why not.


What’s holding them back from doing so now?



If you could change one thing in golf unilaterally — what would it be and why?

Un-ban long putters and allow a drop from a divot in a fairway.


Best advice you ever received — what was it and who from?

In golf and life have fun.

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