Nobody wants to tee up when it’s cold outside, and at some point, all golfers must accept they’re in the offseason. While many avid golfers would travel somewhere warm to get some practice in while also getting away from the cold, COVID-19 has made traveling rather complicated. That said, most golfers would begrudgingly accept that they can’t sharpen their golf game until next season—but not you. You’re here, where we’re going to discuss some tips for improving your golf skills during the cold season. Read on to learn more.

Learn Something New

One of the beautiful aspects of golf is that it’s like any other sport—there’s always something to learn or work on. Even the golfing greats have to practice and continue learning. Luckily, we live in the information age, where you can learn something new from a wide array of sources. Start reading golf books or magazines, listen to golf podcasts, watch the golf channel on your television, or watch golf tips and tricks on YouTube. Just learn something fresh.

Stay in Shape With Stretches and Exercise

Many golfers feel weak when they return to the green after the offseason, but you don’t have to. As much as you probably don’t want to hear this, you need to maintain a regular exercise schedule throughout the autumn and winter. Your routine doesn’t have to be demanding; simply taking a brisk walk or doing jumping jacks every day can make a huge difference in your game and overall health. Additionally, you should stretch your entire body daily to remain agile and healthy. If you’d like to take your routine one step further, practice your swing with weighted clubs, as it’ll improve your strength and power.

Practice Putting at Home

You don’t need anything fancy if you want to practice putting at home—all it takes is carpeting, a flat surface, and a cup. Of course, if you don’t have carpeting, you could purchase an indoor putting kit like the SKLZ Accelerator Pro that provides a realistic experience. Nothing will throw your golfing buddies off more than seeing you sink a hole in one when you return from the offseason.

Install a Golf Simulator

Of course, there’s a lot more to golfing than putting. Maybe you need more practice in driving or chipping, and a golf simulator is a great way to get your practice in at home. Most of the simulators will come with everything you need, though some may require you purchase your own impact screen. Whether you decide to use a projector or a separate television, just make sure you get an HDMI cable with Ethernet for its many benefits.

There are no excuses for not staying on top of your game during the offseason because there are plenty of opportunities to progress. If you follow our tips for improving your golf skills during the cold season, your opponents will be in shock when they see you’ve only gotten better during the offseason.