SQAIRZ, the golf shoe company seeing incredible growth through their focus on performance and comfort, and Worldwide Golf Shops, one of the country’s largest golf retailers, are proud to announce the retail debut of SQAIRZ golf shoes.

SQAIRZ has seen great success through its direct-to-consumer business model but many golfers have requested the ability to experience the brand in-person. Golfers can now take advantage of Worldwide Golf Shops’ extensive retail network to try on SQAIRZ’s full offering of men’s & women’s models, work with store representatives to find their optimal fit, and experience the balance and stability that have been a cornerstone of SQAIRZ’s brand since its launch.

SQAIRZ cemented itself as a pioneer in golf footwear design by being the first to open up the toe box allowing the toes to spread naturally, providing better balance, stability, and ground force reaction. The science shows that the mechanics of the foot improve markedly when the toes can sit naturally without being angled or constricted.


SQAIRZ is an innovative leader in this area with 9 patents, and the concept of opening the toe box is now on the rise across the footwear industry with brands like Altra, Hoka, and Vivobarefoot.

Worldwide Golf ShopsWorldwide Golf Shops is one of the nation’s largest golf equipment retailers, with over 90 stores in 29 states. Worldwide Golf Shops operates under established brand names that golfers have recognized and trusted for decades, including Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Golfer’s Warehouse, The Golf Mart, Van’s Golf Shops, Uinta Golf, Golf & Ski Warehouse, and the Las Vegas Superstore.

“As SQAIRZ has prepared for our next evolution into retail, Worldwide Golf Shops, with their national recognition, was a top choice for us,” says Bob Winskowicz, founder & CEO of SQAIRZ. “Their customer focus and deep product knowledge make them a top choice to sell a shoe that has truly changed the conversation around footwear as equipment in golf. They understood the unique points of comfort, ground force connection, and stability immediately, and so we are extremely excited to partner with Worldwide Golf Shops to create new relationships with local markets and continue to change the game for golfers around the country.”

“SQAIRZ talks about better ground force, better traction, better stability to improve how you play and that is something we feel our customers should have an opportunity to experience on their own,” says CEO of Worldwide Golf Shops, Al Morris. “The companies under the Worldwide Golf Shops umbrella are highly regarded for bringing up-and-coming brands and cutting-edge technology to local golf markets, and we are proud that our partnership with SQAIRZ embodies that core principle.”

SQAIRZ’s award-winning men’s & women’s styles and colors will be available to customers beginning on November 1.



They’ve long believed that golf shoes should be more than mere accessories, they are the foundation of every swing and should be drivers of true performance. The vision for SQAIRZ started on a New England driving range, where a pair of square-toed dress shoes spurred a visual realization. It continued through years of research into ground force reaction, biomechanics and foot movement. It has culminated in award-winning shoes, now played on Tour, that will help every golfer hit more accurate and powerful shots. SQAIRZ is inspired by developing shoes that will change the shape of your game.