Yesterday, the golf world understood “staff players” as professional competitors. Today, Devereux is changing the narrative with their newest collection, which brings a professional, classic air to the everyday golfer. Devereux’s Staff Player Collection was created for everyday people who represent the true game of golf, paying homage to the stories of how they fell in love with the sport. A Devereux Staff Player doesn’t need to be on tour to sport their newest line—instead, this collection is made for the player who eats, sleeps and breathes the game, no matter where they are. Whether taking up the game at an early age with family, learning as a business pastime, or just now getting a swing of things (pun intended), every player can find their perfect fit in this newest drop.


Boldly designed and inspired by the cultural shift seen in the golf world today, Devereux aimed to create a collection that gave the look and feel of a sponsored athlete, sans all the tricky contracts. The collection features stripped conservative traditions of golf styling with remixed, never-before-seen apparel designed to fit a modern golfer. With bold graphics, heavy branding and unique details, Devereux is changing the look and feel of the golf polo as we know it. This collection features a host of new products, including polos, graphic t-shirts, headcovers, performance headwear, leisure sweatshorts and more.


Link to Collection: https://dvrxthreads.com/collections/staff-player



Devereux is a men’s golf brand that brings a fresh take to the stale world of golf. The line aids a lifestyle that will allow for golf to be more inclusive, inviting and straight-up less boring. They design and deliver apparel that the world of golf not only wants, but needs, welcoming the next generation of golfers who are breaking stigmas and outdated standards. As one of the only direct-to-consumer golf apparel brands, they have the freedom to create apparel for the kind of golf we like, the kind where you untuck your shirt, wear your hat backwards and leave your belt at home, but utilizing the functional fabrics of golf clothing.

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