There’s plenty of reasons why golfing is more than just a sport—it’s a way of life. Dedicating yourself to the game of golf has been a conscious decision almost every avid golfer has made in their life. When you make golf a part of your life, you can’t just grab any old clubs and gear. There’s a lot of stuff out there that can really enhance your game. Here’s our list of six of the most important golfing accessories to have on the course.

A Reliable Glove

No true golfer is complete without a solid glove they can rely on. Unless you feel like ruining your swing due to sweat and loss of grip, you’ll want to pick up a glove that will last you a long time. Having a few gloves is the best way to go, just in case one of them gets dirty or you start to sweat through them.

A Trusty Umbrella

You should check the weather every day before you head out to golf, but the weather shouldn’t stop you unless it’s truly bad. A little bit of moisture never hurt anyone, but it could hurt your shot or your equipment unless you have an umbrella to keep everything dry. A way to clip it onto your bag can also be a game changer.

A Stylish Head Cover

Whether you prefer the classic brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your eyes or a fashionable head wrap to keep your hair out of your face, you need to cover your head with something. Not only will it help your game, but it also protects you from too much sunlight exposure.

A Divot Tool

Golf is all about respecting the course, so one of the most important golfing accessories to have is a divot tool. No one goes through a golf game without making at least one divot, and it’s always nice to leave the course as well off as you found it for those behind you.

Cold Weather Gear

Unfortunately, we can’t always play in perfect conditions. When the chill in the air gets to be noticeable, you’ll want to have some cold weather gear to keep yourself warm. Thicker gloves, thicker hats, and hand warmers are essential to a cold weather game.

A Good Amount of Towels

You’ll be glad you brought more than one towel the moment you accidentally wipe your hands with the towel that you cleaned your clubs with. Towels are perfect for cleaning mud and dirt off your clubs, balls, and shoes. If you want them to continue looking nice, consider sticking with dark-colored towels.